A Postcard Perfect Log Home in the Meadow Complete with a Guest House

Step into a picturesque scene with incredible views as far as the eye can see. The Owl's Nest log cabin on a 3-acre property in Jackson, Wyoming is a dream come true for those who love scenic vacations and log homes on the prairie. The home is also just a few miles from the Teton Range as well which can be seen from the front porch. Also nearby is Jackson Hole Resort, Blacktail Butte, and Sheep Mountain. Owners, Paul and Caryn, knew they wanted to build a log cabin in this area when Caryn felling love with the area on a ski trip with friends. When she brought Paul back with her, they both agreed that it would be the place for their log cabin. It seemed to check all of the boxes on their list for having a cabin in a great community surrounded by nature. Plus, it was handy that Paul has a background in real estate too and when they were looking at properties to buy and build their log cabin on, they were very meticulous about it. The couple went out to the properties they were considering at all times of day to really get to know it.

They found their dream property about 1,500 feet from the river, so close you can hear it from the house. They wanted to build a log cabin to use as a home for their retirement and then add a guest house on the property for friends and family that come out to visit. They found Summit Handcrafted Log Homes to do the job for them with Keith Austin helping them out right from the start. You'll notice the smaller guest house on the property that looks beautiful next to the main log home. They built this smaller cabin first and then proceeded to build the larger, but still compact 1,000 square foot main log home. As they were researching log home companies, they found that Summit Handcrafted Log Homes were the best people to build their custom handcrafted log home because of how closely the company and tradespeople work with their customers and of course, because of how beautiful their custom log homes are. Keith built the entire home from start to finish and included the couple the entire journey. Summit Handcrafted Log Homes handpicked each log that went into building their log home, and they do so with every project they work on. They went with gorgeous Western Red Cedar logs which are known for their high strength and their resistance to mould and insect infestation.

The logs were left flared at the ends and given a nice finish. Instead of completely peeling each log, they used a pressure washer which leaves the cambium layer on adding more character. These logs are massive measuring 16 inches to 48 inches on the ends. Although the interior is smaller, they have made very good use of the space by creating high ceilings and adding lots of windows. There's 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom all on the main floor. Then there's also the living room, kitchen and dining room on the main floor too. The gorgeous Montana Moss rock fireplace creates more than enough heat to make the entire log cabin nice and toasty, even on the coldest days. But the home also has radiant heat and is very well insulated which helps. Besides the cedar wood, they used pine wood for the ceilings, hickory for the floors and there are many pieces of furniture and countertops that are made from reclaimed wood. Isn't this a stunning little log cabin?

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