A New Log Cabin With Classic Charm

Take a beautiful and peaceful vacation away in the luxurious log cabin called Naturstammhaus in Tanne, Germany. You'll be sure to enjoy your time in this lovely natural cabin. The log cabin is constructed out of real logs creating a healthy indoor environment as well as a temperature controlled environment too. It's easy to heat in the winter and to keep cool in the summer thanks to the thermoregulation of the logs. In cooler weather, you can enjoy some time by the fireplace relaxing with family or friends. This cabin is able to accommodate up to 8 people, so it's great for larger groups and family holidays. Perfect for travellers who want to spend their vacation hiking and being outdoors. The cabin also has gorgeous views from the patios overlooking the meadows and mountains. The entire space includes 2 studios and 1 apartment with a separate bedroom, and it's a semi-detached house. There are 2 bedrooms on the upper floor with double beds and views of the forest and mountains. There's also a bed with a pullout function for extra sleeping space. Another bedroom is in the basement with a double bed. Then there is 1 bathroom upstairs with a nice free-standing bath, a shower and vanity and 1 bathroom in the basement with a shower, vanity and toilet. The decor is very comfortable and quite modern as well creating a very welcoming and cozy space.

This log cabin is for those who love nature since it's set right on the edge of forest making it ideal for making a trip to the Harz mountains. Right outside of the log cabin is a swimming pond, a sauna, a fitness center, hiking areas and more. In the winter guests can also do some cross-country skiing on the trails, and downhill skiing is only 9 km away in Wurmberg. Guests can also cook their own meals using the fully equipped kitchen with a microwave, dishwasher, oven, fridge and deep freeze. All modern and stylish just like the rest of the cabins decor. All of the walls on the inside of the cabin are made from rounded logs which gives the cabin a very rustic feel. But since the logs are nice and bright and thanks to all of the windows throughout the space, it's not too dark in the cabin at all. Sometimes having too much wood in a space can cause it to feel very dark and small, but as you can see, using more windows certainly brightens up the space a lot. You can also add mirrors to the space to reflect light from windows to make a small space feel more open.

The layout in the log cabin is also very open, so this also lends to the spacious feel of the home. The kitchen is in a U shape configuration which allows for flow when preparing meals and connection to the rest of the home. Then, the dining area is nice and close by to the kitchen making it easy to clean up after meals or for rushed breakfasts on busy mornings. The living room is just behind the dining area with a TV for any spare moments. The fireplace isn't your typical log cabin fireplace either, but a very modern cylindrical one that has a very nice shape and style. They added some very bright colours in the log cabin which helps to bring some character and charm into the space, but they kept it pretty minimal so as not to overpower as well. This would be a wonderful place to stay if you were ever in the area, but otherwise, it could serve as some great log cabin planning inspiration.

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