A Luxurious Log Cabin With a Loft and a Jacuzzi Tub

No matter the season, a log home is a perfect place to take a vacation and destress from all of the hecticness of modern day living. This vacation log home located in Roding, Holzhaus Lugerhof provides amazing accommodations with more than just a bed. Not to mention, this log home accommodation has one of the top-rated locations in Roding and guests feel like they are really getting their money's work staying there. This log home also features free WiFi, as well as a jacuzzi tub. Plus there is more than one unit available to rent so if you were travelling solo or just with one other person you would be fine with one of the simple smaller units, but if you were travelling with a group of people, then everyone could have their own separate apartment so it could be nice and private. Each of the units has a kitchen so guests can cook their own meals. There is a dishwasher, a fridge and a stove to cook on. Depending on which unit is booked there could also be dining space and a terrace. The bedrooms in the units are super comfortable and cozy looking with dreamy fairy lights above the bed for a touch of whimsy. Most of the bedrooms also have TVs in them as well so you can cozy up with your loved one and watch movies in comfort. Some of the bedrooms also have balconies which would be so nice to step out onto in the morning for a nice refreshing breath of fresh air.

The bathrooms in the log house are very modern and stylish with beautiful tile work and floating vanities. There are even towel warmers for an added touch of luxury. Two of the suites include jacuzzi tubs as well which would be the perfect place to relax and unwind at the end of a day. One of the units features a loft bedroom area looking over the main living area creating a nice open apartment space. From the outside of the log cabin, you may think that this is a huge log house where many people could all stay and share the same space, but it's kind of cool that there is the option for each person to have their own space. The exterior of the cabin is just as impressive as the interior as the cabin is built with massive natural logs which all fit together perfectly to create this incredible structure. Each of the logs was hand scribed which is the method of cutting away the bottom part of the log so that it will fit snugly on the top of the log underneath it. Imagine how much work goes into each of the log homes built in the world including this one.

This log home was handcrafted meaning that it was built by experienced log builders using all natural logs instead of manufactured logs. There's nothing wrong with using manufactured logs, but usually, the manufacturing process produces logs that all end up being pretty uniform in shape, size and character. Whereas, with natural logs used in handcrafted log home projects, the logs each have their own character and come in various sizes and shapes. So it really all depends on what the individual prefers and what they are looking for in a log home design. You'll also notice the barn style roof on this particular log home which suits the design very well and is called a Gambrel roof. The log house has a management company that looks after it, and they are also available for anything guests may need during their stay. Would you enjoy a relaxing vacation in this beautiful log home?

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