A Camper That Can Also Be Used as a Boat? What a Great Idea!

Camping is a great way to get away and enjoy the weekend. It is an inexpensive activity to do that provides the moment for a unique and memorable experience surrounded by nature. If you've ever gone camping near the lake or ocean and thought that it would also be nice to get out into the water, you will want to brace yourself and prepare to be landlocked no more. The Sealander was modelled by some intrepid German engineers, who contoured the towable camper with a tiny outboard motor that propels the two-person mini house camper in shallow and calm waters.

This camper is just like tiny homes on wheels only it goes on water too. With a small sink, huge sunroof that opens wide, bench seats and a stereo system; the interior design of this mini house is well mounted and relaxing. A smooth fibreglass hull secures while keeping the weight of the mini house down. So what exactly do you need to bring for a camping activity? Food and beverages are a given. If you are planning to grill, you'll need to bring napkins and utensils, plates, salt, pepper and other seasonings. If you prefer to barbecue, then you’ll probably need a cook stove, tongs, a torch lighter, and a spatula. Just don’t forget to bring with you paper towels and garbage bags as well. The key point is to make sure that the cooler or storage you have is just enough and fitted perfectly. On Land the Sealander can be pulled by any vehicle just like mobile tiny houses and tiny homes on wheels would be pulled along. In the water, the Sealander moves with the help of a long pin outboard motor and is steered with the tilter. Similar to a boat the Sealander maneuvres through the water. The difference between a boat and the Sealander is that the Sealander doesn't need a launching trailer to get into the water. The Sealander is ready to go as is, all you have to do is to put the stainless steel railing into position, then fasten the engine and depending on the shore, simply push the Sealander into the water. For this reason, it can not only be used as a caravan for camping but also swim like a boat. This unique camper/boat takes camping to a whole new level.

You can find this unique and modern tiny homes on wheels/boat on the Sealander site. The Sealander is distributed by the Sealander GmbH located in Kiel, Germany. They would be happy to offer advice and information on their Sealander camper/boat and configure your Sealander with you. They can also arrange to deliver your Sealander to your home. The Sealander gives a whole new meaning to camping in this modern designed camper and boat combination. Imagine the fun you can have to camp in places where you can also go into the water with ease and style.

The Sealander company offers different optional packages that you can add to your camper/boat with an electronic package, a living package, and a marine package. The electronic package includes things like an onboard battery, interior lighting and voltage converter and more. The living package includes things like curtains set, cushions set, and a tabletop made of the lightweight wood worktop. The marine package includes items like fenders, mooring lines, a plate anchor, first aid kit and fire blanket. The Sealander gives a whole new meaning to mobile tiny houses and tiny homes on wheels.

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