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A Simple 24 Foot by 20 Foot Cottage with an Awesome Floor Plan

This simple 24 foot by 20-foot cottage design would be perfect for anyone.


Once a Shabby Old Bus... Now This, Could You Live in this Tiny Home on Wheels?

Now here's a great idea for a cottage in the country.


DIY Solar Water Heater - For about $30 In PVC Supplies, and Paint

What if you could build a DIY Solar Water Heater for only a mere $30? You can, thanks to a Brazilian eco-designer who has tried it out first.


Uniquely Crafted Little Cottage That Brings People Together

People love decorating and creating homes that are unique to their individual personality and style.


This Earth Sheltered Wooded Hut has a Very Unique Bedroom

Made in the Sami tradition, this Norwegian earth sheltered hut makes an interesting and unique accommodation for your time in Norway.


The Caboose is a WheelHaus Original Flagship Park Model Home

Tiny home living has never been as popular as it is today, with a large variety of options, styles, designs and plans to choose from.


Build An Affordable Arched Tiny Home

Here is a company that provides some very affordable and very cool looking tiny cabins.


They Built This 1,255 Sq. Ft. High-Quality Log Home In Only 8 Days And the Result Is Fabulous!

Sitka Log Homes creates beautiful handcrafted log homes and cabins and this is just one of their designs that was featured at the Vancouver Home Show.


Awe-Inspiring! Old Chevy Short Bus Turned Into Stylish Tiny Home on Wheels

Are you always excited to see the latest unique homes that people build? It just shows that there are really so many possibilities for what you can build and create.


The HC1 is the New Ultra-Light Camper By Happier Camper

A new line of campers has come out and are now available for sale.


How to Make Fancy Glowing Jar Lights at Home Quick and Affordable

Need some light in your life? Here are some great DIY projects to try for DIY lights.


He Built This Tiny Dome Home For Just $6000

Musician, photographer, English teacher and now architect and designer? Steve Areen along with friends Hajjar and Tao built this tiny Thai dome home for just $6,000.


The Nugget: A Vintage Trailer Makeover

The Nugget is a cute old camper that got a much needed remodel.

Could You Spend a Little Time Gazing Our at this Stunning Log Home Living Room Vista?

There is nothing quite as beautiful as a crafted log house, and this one in Queensland, New Zealand is sure to impress.


Stunning Three Story Post And Beam Log House In New Zealand

Log houses are an amazing style of home design, they fit in perfectly with a variety of landscapes, from mountainsides, forests, riversides, to the lake.


Truck Transformed Into Amazing Solar Powered Off Grid Home

Dreaming of tiny homes and mobile campers? Want to live off the grid and still be mobile? Well, check out what Joseph Tayyar created.


Beautiful Timber Bathroom Basins Are the New Trend and We LOVE It!

Does your outdated bathroom need an update? If your house would suit it, beautiful timber bathroom basins are exactly what could turn your old bathroom into one that will satisfy you and impress your guests.


Small House Living In A 1959 Spartan Imperial Mansion

This 1959 Spartan renovation is a good lesson in what you can achieve in a tiny house design.


This Magical Little Cottage Belongs In A Grimm Fairytale

There are some small homes that look like they popped out of a cartoon or book, this magical little cottage looks like it belongs in a fairytale indeed.


Unique Mountain Mansard Tiny House Built With Reclaimed Building Materials

With so many small house plans out there, it's nice to see this unique take on small house living.


The Ufogel Is An Alpine Holiday Cottage That Has Metal Feet And A Beak

The Ufogel is a unique cottage that takes its name from its resemblance to an extraterrestrial home and a prehistoric bird.


Hybrid Log Cabin Has a Spectacular Rustic Staircase and Stunning Log-work Inside

Hybrid is a term that is often used when talking about cars.


Little Log Cabins We Love - Absolutely Perfect

You are sure to fall in love with this traditional handmade log house, built in a style that has been around for centuries.


550 Square Foot Prefab Cottage That Feels Bigger Inside then it Looks

There is a surge in the prefab housing market with a variety of options to choose.


Eco Housing In A Modern Nomadic Design

When you think of your dream home design, you don't just think of its design, but you think of its location too, where it will be, and what your views will look like.


This Northern California Tiny House Blends Perfectly With Its Country Location

This Northern California bathhouse is a cheerful 260 square foot tiny home designed by Richardson Architects.


Inspiring! Couple Quit Their Jobs to Travel Around North America in Their Mobile Tiny Home

While some people park their tiny houses on wheels on a property and live stationary, there are those who choose to live mobile in their tiny houses.


Such an Amazing Tiny Home Built for Under $28,000

This tiny house building is worth taking a closer look.


Small Post & Beam Log Cabin with Amazing Interior

If you've ever you thought about building and living in a log cabin, you are not alone.


You Won't Believe This Tranquil, Sky Garden House is Actually in a Major City!

Now, people can get into a variety of different incredible eco-friendly options when designing and building a home and they don't just have to be smaller homes either.

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