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A Sod Roofed Cottage Nestled In The Sand Dunes On The Northern Coast Of Denmark

This beautiful small cottage home is located in the dunes on the Northern coast of Denmark.


How to Enjoy Big Comfort in a Small Footprint With This Stylish Tiny House on Wheels

Now, this is a tiny house that anyone could get comfy in.


A Peaceful Tiny House With a Very Interesting Design

Every detail of this tiny house is perfect, from its wooden floors to its front covered patio and surrounding scenery, this tiny house makes small house living look good.


What It Lacks in Size The 2 Plus Classic Tiny House Certainly Makes up for in Design

The 2 Plus Classic is a one-bedroom prefabricated tiny house manufactured by Freedomky in the Czech Republic.


A Reclaimed Tiny House Looking Gorgeous Inside and Out

Do you dream of having your own unique, one-of-a-kind retreat cabin that you can get away to and relax in? The owners of the La Arboleda Retreat Cabin located on their ranch in the central Texas hill country did just that, with the help of Reclaimed Space.


Extremely Original Ideas for an All-Purpose Cottage

This adorable Gambler Island tiny getaway cabin is just the place to get away from the city and spend some relaxing time close to nature.


This Eco-Home is Packed with Passive Technology That Conserves Energy

No matter how many small house designs you look at, each one is always a bit different, and the same can be said for this Solar Decathlon tiny house design.


A Barn Turned Into a Contemporary Retreat

Many of us have dreamt of building a simple home in a wild countryside somewhere in order to live in tune with nature, but Labor 13 Architecture has made that dream a reality for one lucky family.


This Minimalist Eco-House Collects More Energy than It Uses

The Techstyle Haus is like no other tiny house you have ever seen.


A Tiny House Built to Affordably Accommodate A Family in An Expensive City

This tiny house is a lovely, affordable laneway home in a perfect location close to schools and shopping.


The Villa Maria Log Cabin is Totally Unique

The Villa Maria at the Hawkhill Resort is so charming you'll want to stay forever.


See Just How Livable a Floating House Boat Can Be

This Portage Bay Float House is a stunning houseboat that is moored in Portage Bay, just one of Seattle's many floating home communities.


A California Guest Cottage Inspired By An Old Barn

This is handcrafted guest cabin building is tucked away among the redwood, oak and buckeye trees in Southern California.


The Llano Exit Strategy: Tiny House Compound Started By A Group Of Friends

The Llano Exit Strategy is a unique tiny house village that started with a group of friends who instead of moving away from one another, decided to build a tiny house community of their own, a place they could share their lives, and continue their friendships.


A Completely Re-Built 1966 Electric Volkswagen Van

Those awesome old hippy vans, everyone loved them in their prime and people still continue to love them now.


Brilliant Designs! Expandable Unfolding Trailer Expands 3x It's Original Size

Camping is a favourite pastime for many people, and while some people like to rough it, others like the comfort and space of a trailer.


Take a Peek Inside this Affordable and Cute Wood Cabin Kit

This charming small log cabin kit includes everything needed to build a cabin.


Van Life DIY From Rusty Van To Cozy Home

People all over the world are coming up with innovative tiny house ideas, that allow them to live life their way, designing and building tiny houses in all sorts of different styles, designs and plans.


Perfect Little Wood Cabin Kit That You Can Build Yourself

The Charentes is one of the log cabin designs from Buy Log Cabins Direct.


Captain's Cabin Is A Unique Bed And Breakfast In A Historic 1800's Log Cabin

The Captain's Cabin is one of the unique Bed, and Breakfast stays you will find.


Eco Pods Create The Perfect Offices or Cottages

With more and more people wanting to be environmentally responsible eco homes like these Eco Pods from Echo Living by Sam Booth are perfect.


A 1977 Dodge Camper Transformed Into an Off Grid Straw Bale Home

Here is a great story that details a whole straw bale project, and the adventures along the way.


Two Iowa College Students Built a Very Affordable Tiny Cottage

Even though it may not be the fanciest cottage ever, but it is a fully useable cottage especially for a quick getaway.


Tree-House Experience in the Ground Level House? Yes, This Unique Eco-Friendly Cottage Makes It Possible!

The ecoPerch Curvy Cabin is an eco-friendly self-catered cottage available to rent at the Blackberry Wood Campsite in Sussex, United Kingdom.


The Internet is Loving this Little Restored Log Cabin, That Fireplace Though... Perfect

The Haller Lake Log Cabin is a beautiful example of how wonderful log cabins can really be.


Oh That Handcrafted Log Stairway! This is the Aylesford Log Cabin

The Aylesford Lake log cottage is designed with a multitude of needs in mind.


Perfect Size 960 Sqft Log Cabin (Loving the Cozy Stone Fireplace & Live-edge Bed)

This cabin, the Winter Camp Cabin, is a perfect example traditional log cabin looks like.


Oh Carolina! One of our Favorite Log Cabins

Log homes and cabins evoke a kind of nostalgia to some people, and they can remind us of a simpler time.


A Secret Off-Grid Pool Hidden Deep Inside the Mojave Desert

If you're always on the lookout for fun and interesting things to do, then a secret pool in the Mojave Desert may spark your interest.

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