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A Tiny Eco-House That Blends In

A space that is continuous with the outdoors, the Thoreau's Cabin tiny home design is an inspiring 375 square foot tiny houses design that can be found in Utrecht, the Netherlands.


A Mountain Cabin in Truckee, California With Industrial Chic Decor

This stunning tiny Mountain Cabin located in Truckee, California has one of the greatest tiny house designs There is so much to love about this beautiful tiny home design.


Tye River Tiny Cabin Nestled in a Woodland Setting

The Tye River tiny house sits in the perfect woodland setting in Skykomish, Washington.


What a Transformation! This Charming Log Cabin Was Once a Creepy Abandoned Hut

It's pretty incredible to see the before and after photos of the Burton Log Cabin.


A Remarkably Stylish Small Studio Tree House Cabin

If you are inspired by simple tiny cabin designs, have a look at this Visible Studio.


Beautiful Eco Home Is Energy Efficient And Blends With The Hillside

Here's an eco-friendly tiny house design that is a great example of how architectural design can blend almost seamlessly with nature.


The Wonderbag Is A Slow Cooker That Needs No Electricity Or Fuel

When it comes to off-grid and sustainable solutions, the Wonderbag is an innovation that allows people to cook meals without needing any fuel or electricity.


This Wood Stove Makes Electricity To Power Your Home

If you are living off the grid or if you are thinking of living an off-grid life, finding sources for both electricity and heating are going to be very important to you.


The Sophisticated and Contemporary Vardenhaugen Cottage in Norway

The Vardenhaugen Cabin is an 828 square foot tiny house located in Fosen, Norway.


The Mendocino County Cottage is Both Contemporary and Cozy

This tiny house is known as Mendocino County House because it's located in Mendocino County, California.


The Kibanda is a Cozy Cottage in Bristol, England

This Kibanda tiny house design is something to admire.


Open Spacious High Ceiling Wood Cabin

There are so many beautiful details in the Moonridge Drive Cabin located in Whitefish, Montana.


The Canyon Ferry Lake Real Log Cabin

The Canyon Ferry Lake Cabin is a guest cabin building that was built in the 1880's in Helena, Montana.


The Trout River Tiny Cabin Was Once A School House

The Trout River is a mid-19th-century log tiny house design that originally served as a school in Decorah, Iowa.


Unplug From the Modern World At The Little Lost Valley Cottage

Take a closer look at this lovely cottage located in Summit Springs Ranch, Idaho.


Little Bit of Thoreau Tiny Cabin Cottage in The Blue Ridge Mountains

It's easy to fall in love with this sweet little cottage in the Blue Ridge Mountains.


Hand Carved Wood Office Furniture With Beautiful Carvings

Have a closer look at this executive office hand-carved wood furniture.


An Architect Builds His Own Tiny House Studio Retreat to Escape the City

This modest cabin building is a single room with just enough space for a chair or cot or chair, was designed and built by architect Nicholas Hunt.


Zen Tree House in the Forest

This zen wood cabin offers plenty of inspiration for a cabin building of your own.


Tiny House Connected to the Beach And Nature

With a location set close to the beach, surrounded by stunning views this tiny house design fits in perfectly where it sits.


This Tiny House is a Mini Mansion on Wheels

When it comes to small houses on wheels, there are so many different designs and floor plans that are all unique and interesting in their own ways.


A Beautiful Log Home Kit from Conestoga Log Cabins and Homes

The Killington 30 foot by 40-foot log cabin floor plan with an open floor plan that features a first-floor master bedroom, a large living room, a dining area along with an open kitchen.


Stay In the Beacon Tiny House in the Heart of Wine Country in Oregon

The Beacon tiny house design is a great mix of the classic rustic cabin look mixed with modern and contemporary style.


A Modern Log Cabin With Traditional Style

Here is a log cabin design that started with log home plans and cabin designs being drawn on a napkin.


A Charming Old Stone Cottage Brought Back to Life

The Creekside Cottage is a beautiful cottage renovation located in Western North Carolina.


Extendable CampreVan is a Perfect Solution for the Family

If you love to camp with your family and friends the Extendable Campervan is a new VW DoubleBack camper van that was launched in Cardiff.


Railings Could Be The Best Way to Add Style to Your Log Home

Log houses are some of the most stunning, sought after types of homes in the world.


Exploring Made Easy in the Lewis and Clark Tiny House

Check out this awesome tiny house on wheels.


One Mom's Sweet Empty Nest Tiny House

This rustic and charming tiny house on wheels was built by Michelle Jonice, whose small house living journey started when she was just 12 years old.


The Timbertrail Log Home Makes The Perfect Vacation Cabin

The Timbertrail cabin building could be all yours to build and then enjoy with family and friends.

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