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Hybrid Log Cabin Has a Spectacular Rustic Staircase and Stunning Log-work Inside

Hybrid is a term that is often used when talking about cars.


Little Log Cabins We Love - Absolutely Perfect

You are sure to fall in love with this traditional handmade log house, built in a style that has been around for centuries.


550 Square Foot Prefab Cottage That Feels Bigger Inside then it Looks

There is a surge in the prefab housing market with a variety of options to choose.


Eco Housing In A Modern Nomadic Design

When you think of your dream home design, you don't just think of its design, but you think of its location too, where it will be, and what your views will look like.


This Northern California Tiny House Blends Perfectly With Its Country Location

This Northern California bathhouse is a cheerful 260 square foot tiny home designed by Richardson Architects.


Inspiring! Couple Quit Their Jobs to Travel Around North America in Their Mobile Tiny Home

While some people park their tiny houses on wheels on a property and live stationary, there are those who choose to live mobile in their tiny houses.


Such an Amazing Tiny Home Built for Under $28,000

This tiny house building is worth taking a closer look.


Small Post & Beam Log Cabin with Amazing Interior

If you've ever you thought about building and living in a log cabin, you are not alone.


You Won't Believe This Tranquil, Sky Garden House is Actually in a Major City!

Now, people can get into a variety of different incredible eco-friendly options when designing and building a home and they don't just have to be smaller homes either.


This Light Filled Cottage in the Netherlands Is Completely Made by Hand

Every space of this cottage has been well thought out, planned and executed for maximum flow, comfort and use.


A Coastal Guest Cottage Gets A Custom Renovation

This Wheeler coastal studio was originally constructed in the 1980s as a rental unit and was later converted to a modern guest cottage/home office by architectural design and build team.


Looks Like a Tiny Log Cabin Outside, Feels Surprising Spacious Inside

The Totems is a beautifully designed log house design located in the coast mountains of British Columbia.


Zombie-Proof Cottage With A 10-Year Anti-Zombie Guarantee

This Zombie Proof Cabin might just be the most unique small house plan yet.


Rustic Log Home Hides Marvelous Antler Chandelier Impossible to Take Your Eyes Off

In today's fast-moving world, life can get a little stressed, and the need to get away and relax is important to reset and relax.


Small House Living And Green Building Workshops

This is such a great source for tiny house plans.


The Algae Bulb Led Light Is Perfect For Off Grid Living

Life is not easy without light, and this is why mankind has done everything to innovate and use technology to make sure that there is always lighting.


From Ballroom Dance Floor to Wine Tasting Room, This Enormous Log House Has Luxury Written on Every Inch of It!

In recent years, there is a trend towards small house living and structures that are made with recycled or salvaged building materials.


Extraordinary Hobbit Eco Housing In Wales Only Cost $3,400 to Build

Hobbit eco-housing has become increasingly popular especially in an age where people have known films like The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit all their life.

The Kitchen is Clearly Spectacular, and the Indoor Pool? This Log Cabin is Out of a Dream

Having a nice looking kitchen and dining hall will inspire you more to cook meals for your family.


This Artfully Crafted Live Edge Pool Table has us Captivated

These pool tables are like nothing you've seen before and are made using logs from Colorado and Wyoming.


Take a Look at the Ocean Vista from the Full Wall of Windows in this Tiny House ... Spectacular

A meandering path leads to the Eagle Point where the cottage sits between a rock outcrop and a thicket on the beautiful windswept west coast of San Juan Island in Washington State.


Isn't This Adorable Island Tiny Cabin a Perfect Vacation Getaway? What a View!

This attractive little cabin building overlooks the coastal waters and islands of British Columbia.


Clever Container Home Guest House is Both Economical and Beautiful

When shipping containers started being made into homes, it was a surprise for many.


The Box House: An Off-Grid Cabin in Australia

The Box House is a 388 square foot cabin building designed by Nicholas Murcutt Architect.


Swedish Coped Lodge Pole Pine Log Cabin Kit 8 Under $12,000

This four-corner rectangle lodge pole pine log cabin kit sold on eBay for just under $12,000.


This Minimalist Swedish Cottage Is A Lesson In Scandinavian Design

This small cottage home is finished inside and out with white, and it is exactly as you would imagine Swedish style to be.


Grain Silo Converted Into A Tiny House Loft Apartment in Texas

You will adore this Grain Silo tiny house building.


DIY Project For A Tin Can Waveguide WiFi Antenna

If you are looking for an affordable way to increase the range of your wireless network this is one of the innovative DIY ideas you can try out.


Beautiful Rustic Countertop To Match Your Dining Room Furniture

Live edge log furniture is timeless as it is beautiful.


Make Your Own Furniture With A Bed In A Box

The first box bed is a unique DIY idea that was designed and created by a man named Robert MacPherson.

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