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A Log Home and Land from Sisson Log Homes

When you think of log home living, you think of homes like this Rock Creek log home.


An Adorable Tiny House Retreat on a Secluded Island

Here is a sweet rustic 384 square foot cabin clad in cedar on Vashon Island in Washington.


These Tiny Houses Were Designed to Revolutionize Shared Space

The Llano Exit Strategy homes are several 350 square foot tiny house designs with shared facilities located in Llano, Texas.


An Earthquake Resistant, Self-Sufficient Eco Cottage By The Seaside

Who doesn’t dream of owning a seaside retreat? Sunshine, warm sandy beaches, and mellow waves crashing on the shore.


Modern 550 Sq.Ft. Log Home Interior Feels Stunningly Bright And Spacious!

It seems like every day we are introduced to another modern and more efficient way to build a dream home.


A Beautifully Sculpted Sauna With an Inspiring Interior

This beautifully sculpted wooden tiny house building is a gorgeous Grotto sauna, located on private San Souci Island in Toronto, Canada.


Creative, Rustic, Cozy, and Charming Log Cabin, Gotta See That Rowboat Shelving Unit!

This is the inspiring story of how one couple's log cabin had a makeover done by an entire remodelling by committee.


She Finds Clay In Nature And Makes Pottery From Scratch

If you’re interested in pottery or traditional artistic mediums you might want to learn how the ancient Anasazi people made their beautiful hand-crafted pottery.


Off-Grid Capsules That Promote Green Living

Dreaming of going off the grid and living a simpler, carbon-free life? Then you’ll want to check out these off-grid capsules that promote green living.


Live Edge Industrial Farmhouse Table With Breadboard Ends

This live edge industrial style farmhouse table would be the perfect dining table for any space.


You've Probably Never Heard of A Japanese Bath Tiny House

This Brian Schulze Hand Crafted Japanese Wood-Fired Bath is a beautiful wood cabin that was built for the Japanese bath tradition.


A DIY Project That Uses a Lemon To Start a Fire

You never know when you are going to be in a situation where you need to start a fire without the conveniences of home.


A Log Cabin Interior Inspired by European Fairytales

This log cabin is the stuff that dreams are made, with large logs used throughout and plenty of wood for a wood cabin design that is cozy and warm.


Intel's Minim Tiny House Could Be the Smartest Tiny House Yet

This Intel Minim Smart Tiny House will blow your mind with all of its amazing abilities.


Why People Join the Tiny House Movement

Are you curious about the tiny house movement? Or maybe you've heard of it, but aren’t quite sure what it’s all about? What’s so amazing about tiny house buildings anyway, and why is there a whole movement growing around them? The small house movement is everywhere you look these days, especially if you spend time online or watching television.


The Amity Tiny House Has Plenty of Space

Now, this is one of the larger tiny houses on wheels that you will find totalling 400 square feet.


The Perfect Small Starter Tiny House

This start small tiny house on wheels has everything a tiny house needs and more even though it's only 20 feet long.


House Of Rock in Portugal

When your house is literally made out of one giant stone, it's safe to say you have a unique small house plans.


Eco Housing Vacation in The Starlight Room

How would you like to spend the night at The Starlight Room? Imagine spending a night sleeping on a mountain surrounded by gorgeous landscape under a blanket of stars.


Airstreams Provide Eco Housing On The Road

This story and renovation of an Eco Airstream Off-grid and Off Pipe tiny house design are sure to inspire you.


The Light Weight Protohaus

Embrace the art of living free in The Light Weight Protohaus, a mini house from Protohaus.


Cabin Knapphullet Eco Cottage Fits Right Into the Landscape

This modern cottage tucked into a rocky Norwegian coastline is an architectural inspiration.


West Virginia Cottage Is a Sweet Retreat

If you enjoy looking at cottage designs, you’ll absolutely want to view this tiny weekend retreat shack in West Virginia.


Live Edge Furniture Creation: How They Do It

There is nothing quite like the beauty of live edge log cabin furniture; you get to enjoy the grain and the unique character of the wood in different pieces of furniture.


This Secluded Country Home Probably Has the Most Scenic Surroundings Ever

You will fall in love with this cabin building with astounding views.


Cute as a Button Buttercup Laneway Tiny House

This craftsman style Buttercup Laneway House In Vancouver, Canada is just one of the beautiful laneway house that you can find in the city.


This Camano Island Beach Cottage Makes the Perfect Guesthouse

This Beach Cottage On Camano Island will have you rethinking what designing a small house is all about.


This Is Far More than Just an Ordinary Tiny Home it's a Houseboat

If you are interested in unique small house plans, then the Tao houseboat will be right up your alley.


The Algarve Rural Cottage in Portugal is a Relaxing Haven

Take a vacation and get away from it all and instead of staying in a predictable hotel, try out staying in this small cottage home in Portugal.


The Trillium Will Make You Want to Live in a Tree House Full Time

The Trillium Tree House is a tiny house design that is like something out of a fairy tale.

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