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Cozy and Cute, Take a Look Inside, Could You Live in this Little Log Cabin?

This might be one of the most adorable log cabins you have ever seen.


Check Out the Building Process for this Charming Log Cabin

This stunning log house design is located at the beautiful location of Szczecin Lagoon.


The Great Plains Western Horse Barn With 30 Foot Center

This 70 foot by 100-foot barn is the Commercial Great Plains Western Horse Barn and features a 30-foot center.


Great Plains Gambrel Post and Beam Timber Frame Kit

This Great Plains Gambrel barn style house is a 36 foot by 60-foot Ponderosa Country Barn that features eight-foot lean-tos.


The Edgewood Log Home is a Stunning Work of Art with Beautiful Interior

If you happen to be looking for large log home floor plans you have to look at this house plan from eLog Homes.


The Big Sky Log Cabin Features Plenty of Windows and High Ceilings

What an incredible log house this is, the Big Sky Log Cabin is one of the homes created by eLog Homes.


The Live Edge Kitchen Table in this Spectacular Log House is What Really Got Me

This luxurious Harbor Springs vacation log home located in northern Michigan makes for the perfect vacation rental with six bedrooms, 4.


This Stunning Log House Uses Natural Building Materials

The Dancing Hearts is a luxury cabin building located in Montana.


Majestic Huge Log Home with Wow-tastic Interior by Lincon Log Homes

When it comes to log houses, the Original Home called the Lake George log house from Lincoln Logs is a perfect example of how beautiful log houses can truly be.


Cute Tiny House (if Not a Bit Plain Outside) But Inside... is Totally Enchanting and Darling

With design details like the canted roof that makes for a unique silhouette on top of this 24-foot trailer, to all of the amazing details inside this tiny home design, the Artisan Retreat tiny house is one of a kind.


The Escape Traveler XL Has Everything A Tiny House Needs Inside

The Escape Traveler XL is 30 feet of tiny home on wheels making it one of the larger more spacious tiny houses you'll see.


Mountaineer Tiny Home with an Incredible Rooftop Deck and Lots of Storage

This 204 square foot Mountaineer with rooftop deck, is what tiny house designs are all about.


A 350 Square Foot Redesigned Cape Cod Cottage

There is so much to love about this 350 square foot tiny cottage in Cape Cod.


Legalizing the Tiny House

The tiny house movement is gaining some swift momentum and has been growing over the past several years.


How Would You Like a Tiny House Like This?

You will fall in love with the Cedar Mountain tiny house on wheels.


220 Square Foot Tiny House; The Perfect Ceramic Studio

This tiny house building is a two story, 220 square foot ceramic studio space, located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.


A Custom Wood Apartment Barn In Pine Hollow, Oregon

This barn style home in Pine Hollow Oregon is as good as it gets.


Stylish and Inspirational Barn Home Designs

Barn home design is more popular than ever before, with a variety of styles, sizes, and designs to choose.


This Timber Frame Barn Has The Most Beautiful Interior

This timber frame barn home conversion is just one example of what you can do with a barn home design.


Country Barn Home Kit with an Open Porch

This country barn style house is a dream come true for many people.


The Ponderosa Timber Frame Barn Home

If you are into unique and interesting home designs, check out the Ponderosa Country Barn Home.


Watch this Amazing Drone Ariel Video of Handcrafted Log Home

This drone video shows the quality and appeal of this stunning log house design.


Watch a Video of a Cute Little Log Cabin Being Built

It's amazing to see this one-of-a-kind log house come to be.


From Dream to Reality, This Log Home Went from 3D Design to the Real World

Log home building is quite the extensive process and while it's quite amazing to see the progression of a home building project of any type, watching a log home being built is very interesting to watch.


Chicken Coop Off Grid Projects For Homesteaders

These DIY projects to make your chicken coop are a great way to become more self-sufficient.


A Tiny House With an Inspiring Interior and Sauna

You'll want to take a closer look inside this amazing tiny house building with a sauna near La Conner, Washington.


Tiny Homes With Innovative Designs and Even More Attractive Prices

This tiny house design by Rural Studio is changing things up with its innovative design.


Small Solar Power System DIY Tutorial

If having an off-grid life is something that interests you, you're probably interested in alternative power sources like solar power and solar panels.


A Modern Container Style Granny Flat

This modern granny flat is a great example of what you can do when you build small.


Women Tend to Live Longer When Surrounded By Nature

It turns out that women seem to live longer when they are surrounded by nature.

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