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NOMAD Tiny Homes Can Be Used Singly or Combined in Modules To Suit Your Needs

The NOMAD Cube is a tiny house building that can move and adapt to almost any location.


A Modern Home Built From Four Shipping Containers

With the high costs of building a new home, there are several new housing trends that are gaining in popularity.


The Gingerbread Cottage - Walking Distance to a Secluded Pacific Beach!

This adorable cottage vacation rental is located in Point Roberts, British Columbia.


An Angular Wooden Cottage Designed to Withstand Harsh Weather

This wood cabin vacation home sits nearly 3,700 feet above sea level on a scenic mountain overlook near Imingfjell, Norway.


This Award Winning Tiny Home in Essex is Clad in Cork

The Redshank is a tiny house that looks hovers above the Essex marshland on steel poles that are painted red like the legs of the wading bird that is its namesake.


The Mortgage Payment on this Tiny Home would be about $375 per Month, Have You Considered the Benefits of Tiny House Living?

Some people are saving more than $400 per month on living expenses just by living in a smaller home.


Off Grid Tiny House That Doubles As A Summer Yoga Retreat in Greece

This tiny house on wheels is a bespoke eco-retreat on the island of Crete, Greece.


Modern Off Grid Living - A Sustainable Prefab Home in Rural Australia

This modern prefab home takes off-grid living to a whole new level.


A Spaceship Style Cottage Makes Great Use of Only 700 Square Feet With A Far Out Design

A home design that's out of this world, The “Spaceship house is a small vacation home that's owned by designer Angelina Rennell’s mother, Cynthia.

Architect and Biker Elspeth Beard Transformed A 100 Year Old Water Tower into Her Home - The Interior is Amazing!

Elspeth Beard quite a remarkable person not only for her achievements as an architect but for the way she lives her life with passion and drive.

Genius Space Saving Furniture Ideas For Smarter Interiors

When living in a smaller space, it's not only important to downsize, but it's also crucial to look at the space differently too.


A Cedar Clad Cottage in Sweden That Looks Like a Tent

This cedar clad summer cottage is like nothing you've seen before.


An Old Shed Transformed Into a Super Stylish Tiny House... You Won't Believe The Before And After

Getting a suite on your property may be easier than you think.


A Stacked Container Home With A Rooftop Patio

The Helm is a beautiful container home by Cargo Home located in Waco, Texas, United States and is available to rent through Airbnb.


A Green Tiny House Design With a Bit More Space

For those who think that living in a tiny house on wheels is "too tiny," there is great option for a small home design.


Magenta Is The Tiny House You Definitely Can't Miss

Here's a tiny house no one will miss.


The Site Shack is A Tiny Prefab Cabin That Sets up In Minutes

The Site Shack is a 96 square foot prefab cabin building with a wood burning stove, a desk and storage that just gets dropped into place.


This Tiny House Is Perfect For Stargazing With It's Removable Roof!

This tiny house on wheels takes stargazing to a whole new level.


Vacation Under the Stars in The Scandinavian Glass Cabin Igloo in Iceland

A luxury Scandinavian glass cabin igloo in west Iceland next to the sea with panorama view and private outdoor hot pool.


Artist Creating LEGO Patchwork On Buildings All Around The World

LEGO has and will probably always be a favourite toy for kids and even for grown-ups too.


Mobile Office In a Vintage Airstream For a Silicon Valley Entrepreneur

Architects have converted a 1960s travel trailer into an office and crash pad for an on-the-go tech entrepreneur who enjoys spending time in nature.

The Bear's Cave is A Fun and Inspiring Interior for Kids

The cave-like bedroom, named the Bears Cave removes all technology leaving behind a space for a child to have fun and to use their imagination.


This Modern Treehouse in The San Juan Islands is Incredible

The most recent treehouse build by Nelson Treehouse is breathtaking.


The Eco Pole House in Australia Has the Perfect Surroundings

It's nice to see a home that's simple yet quite dramatic at the same time, and the Pole House is just that.


Writer's Block Tiny Cabin - Storage For a Canoe Under Its Bed and Workbench

Located in Westport, Maine on the banks of the Sheepscot River, the 190-square-foot hideaway features windows arranged to maximize views and allow for passive heating and cooling.


A Tree House Retreat With Incredible Views and a Skate Bowl

Usually, a cottage or cabin will be built as a vacation home for a family for summer vacations, but this cabin was built by younger adults as a permanent dwelling and a place to relax and enjoy together.


This Eco Lodge is the World's Most Luxurious Cave

The Beckham Cave might just be the worlds most luxurious cave.


Two Bedrooms in Only 140 Square Feet? This Tiny House Shows it's Possible

Baluchon is a tiny house builder based out of Brittany, France who builds inspiring tiny houses.


The Svart Hotel Will Be The World's First Powerhouse Hotel

Most people are on board with being as eco-friendly as they possibly can, and that goes for businesses and hospitality too.


The Alpha Tiny House - A Kitchen That Dreams Are Made Of!

A versatile tiny house that proves a tiny house doesn't mean compromising the amenities and functionalities of a full size home.

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