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If You're Looking for the Wow Factor, Then This Log Home Floor Plan Is for You

Whether you're planning your new log house or you just love perusing log house designs, this home from Katahdin Cedar Log Homes will be sure to inspire.


This Pennsylvania Log Home Has Old-Fashioned Charm

This stunning log house from Hochstetler Log HOmes has 2,181 square feet of space, three bedrooms and 2.


Take a Look at This North Carolina Log Home

When it comes to log home construction, Pioneer Log Homes is one of the leading log house builders in the world.


Luxurious Log Cabin Hidden in the Woods - The Outdoor Patio is Amazing!

This beautiful cabin building in Petoskey Michigan is set amongst the hills and valleys of 269 Acres.


Off-grid Mountain Log Cabin

Handcrafted log cabins make the perfect vacation homes and full-time homes too.


Experience the Winter Wonderland in This Alaskan Log Cabin

Winter isn't all bad, especially if you're staying in a log cabin like this one up in Fairbanks, Alaska.


This Canadian Log House Renovation is a Modern Masterpiece

This Red cedar and fir timber frame Canadian lakeside log house is cutting edge from the ground up.


Take a Look Inside This Stunning Handcrafted Log Home in Colorado

This handcrafted log house in Colorado is the thing dreams are made.


Rustic Log Home In The Forest

Now here is a uniquely rustic log house in a very cozy setting.


Cozy Painted Green Log Cabin - The Interior is Perfect!

This cozy Forest Service cabin building is located along the Bryant Creek Road, in El Dorado, California.


Cozy Log Cabin With The Perfect Open Floor Plan

The shape of this log house floor plan is an affordable option and a practical option for your dream log house.


The Integrity Uses Large Logs for Cozy Log Home Living

The Integrity log cabin building showcases quality log home design.


A Log House At The Lake That's Perfect for Summer and Winter Use

This wood cabin renovation at the lake is not only beautiful to look at but evokes an air of nostalgia, bringing back memories of simpler times, family history and historical moments.


The Oak Ridge Cabin in Oklahoma is Bigger Than You Think

The Oak Ridge wood cabin, located in Southeast Oklahoma, is the perfect destination to get away and relax.


An Authentic Adirondack Style Log Home With Barn Board Details Throughout

No detail was left out in creating this stunning Adirondack Lodge.


Inspiring Log House With Views of the Lake

It doesn't get much better than this Roberts cabin building with views of the lake.


10 Log Home Floor Plans

These days log home floor plans are more popular than ever before with a variety of log house plans to suit most any budget, lifestyle and need.


Beautiful Cozy Log House With the Perfect Floor Plan

This beautifully crafted log house from Kuusamo Log Houses has everything you need with an 882 square foot floor plan.


Luxurious Log Cabin In Big Sky Montana

Here is a remarkably elegant log house that will suit any lifestyle.


A Classic Montana Log Cabin with All the Comforts of Home - All This Could Be Yours!

This classic Montana log cabin is the thing that dreams are made.


Large Logs Make a Beautiful and Charming Log Home

Looking at a log home, you might be able to notice that the size of the logs really does make a difference in the overall look of the home.


Classic Log House Design With Upper and Lower Patio

It doesn't get much better than this classic style of log house design.


See Why Everyone Loves This Pennsylvania Log Home

Beautiful log homes are built all around the world, but when you have one built especially for you, it will seem like the most prized home ever.


A Charming Mountain Retreat with Views of The Blue Ridge Mountains

This Blue Ridge, Georgia wood cabin has perfect views of the Blue Ridge Mountains.


Log Home Kit For $40,000, Take A Look Inside!

Sometimes simple is just what is needed.


Natural Log Cabin In The Rocky Mountains with Nice Interior - Take a Look Inside!

The Columbine cabin building is an authentic Estes Park log cabin.


The Apple Home - A Second Log Home for True Enthusiasts

When looking at log homes, there are so many amazing designs to choose from, and they are all stunning and interesting in their own way.


Cozy Log Cabin In The Mountains of Bella Coola

Get away to a cabin that has all the comforts of a home away from home.


Passive Solar Design Tips for Log Homes

This beautiful mountain log cabin is just the thing that dreams are made of.


Nice Log Home with Wraparound Porch

This cozy cabin building with a nice wraparound porch is a rustic getaway from the everyday hectic life, a place to sit back, relax, and recharge your batteries.

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