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This Solar-Powered Tiny House Lets You Live Entirely Off the Grid

This fantastic off grid super high spec tiny house was constructed by boat builder and cabinet maker Jeff Hobbs.


Reasons Why Hemp Houses Will Be The Best Eco Housing in The World

Hempcrete is a building material used in home designs that is ten times stronger than concrete, and just one-sixth the weight.


A Unique Hobbit Eco Cabin in Norway

A unique eco building vacation built that will feel like a hobbit house experience.

32-foot Farmhouse-style Tiny House With Main-floor Bedroom

This 32-foot tiny house on wheels is one of the larger ones we've come across.


The Integrity Uses Large Logs for Cozy Log Home Living

The Integrity log cabin building showcases quality log home design.


Anything But Your Average Barn! Check It Out on the Link Below...

Barn homes are beginning to be a big trend in home design, and more people are choosing to create homes from old barns, or build homes that look like barns.


Recreational Resort Cottages Features Their New Dream Seeker Tiny House on Wheels

Tiny houses and park models may have their differences, but they are quite similar in a lot of regards too.


Mothers 45ft High Boy Tiny House on Semi Truck Trailer

A sizable tiny house with a very comfortable layout, this tiny house has a lot to offer.


Mobile Living in A Converted Van - Wait Till You See Inside!

The panel van is great for use as a campervan, with sizes varying in length from the short wheel (SWB), medium (MWB) up to long wheelbase (LWB).


Living Off Grid in a Log Cabin

The idea of going off-grid is an appealing idea to many; it means living every day in the fresh air and living a more eco-friendly and sustainable way of life.


A Homesteading Family Lives Off Grid in This Renovated Earthship

This Earthship lived in by a homesteading family is like nothing you've seen before.


Escaping the Hustle of the City in an Airstream in Baja

For much Milena Regos life, she was hustling.


Moon Dragon Tiny House is Marvelously Unique

This tiny house looks like it's straight out of a fairytale or storybook.


A Log House At The Lake That's Perfect for Summer and Winter Use

This wood cabin renovation at the lake is not only beautiful to look at but evokes an air of nostalgia, bringing back memories of simpler times, family history and historical moments.


The Oak Ridge Cabin in Oklahoma is Bigger Than You Think

The Oak Ridge wood cabin, located in Southeast Oklahoma, is the perfect destination to get away and relax.


An Authentic Adirondack Style Log Home With Barn Board Details Throughout

No detail was left out in creating this stunning Adirondack Lodge.


Inspiring Log House With Views of the Lake

It doesn't get much better than this Roberts cabin building with views of the lake.


10 Log Home Floor Plans

These days log home floor plans are more popular than ever before with a variety of log house plans to suit most any budget, lifestyle and need.


This Tiny Cabin in Sedona Has a Private Natural Hot Tub and Yoga Deck

The Renew tiny cabin building is just one of the tiny houses you can choose at the TinyCamp luxury, sustainable tiny house retreat in beautiful Sedona, Arizona.


Family Turns Shed into DIY Mortgage-free Tiny House

For those looking at off-grid options, taking a look at what other people are doing can give you some great inspiration for your own simple life project.


The Perfect Retirement Tiny House Thats Simple, Affordable, and Wheelchair-Friendly

As people grow older, there's a lot to think about in regards to living arrangements and lifestyle.


This Tiny House in Northern Michigan is a Nature Lover's Haven

This tiny cabin building has 200 square feet of space and is tucked nicely away in the beautiful northern Michigan woods.


You Could Build Your Own Tiny House for Just $2,500

Sustainable living at it's finest; this Earth Bag Building technique could be a great way to build an eco house.


This Tiny House Looks Like a Train Car Straight Out of the Victorian Era

You'll never look at tiny houses the same after taking a look at these tiny houses created by David Carlyle of Naples, Florida.


A Park Model Home With a Beautiful Open Floor Plan

These days park model home designs are an affordable option to homeownership.


West End Tiny House by Tiny in a Box Makes the Most of its Small Space

You wouldn't even be able to tell from the outside at first, but these tiny homes are made out of shipping containers.


Beautiful Cozy Log House With the Perfect Floor Plan

This beautifully crafted log house from Kuusamo Log Houses has everything you need with an 882 square foot floor plan.


Luxurious Log Cabin In Big Sky Montana

Here is a remarkably elegant log house that will suit any lifestyle.


Log Cabin on 20 Acres in Wisconsin For $157K - Two Car Detached Garage!

This log cabin building has everything you need for full-time cabin living or use as the ultimate vacation home.


A Classic Montana Log Cabin with All the Comforts of Home - All This Could Be Yours!

This classic Montana log cabin is the thing that dreams are made.

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