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Rustic Log Home In The Forest

Now here is a uniquely rustic log house in a very cozy setting.

Unique Natural Bathtub Makes For An Inspiring Bathroom

Bringing natural materials into building not only increases the value of the home, but it also helps to make your home feel closer to nature and the natural world around us.


Portable Cabin Tiny House With Porch

Here's a great portable cabin that would be perfect for vacations.


392-square-foot Tiny Cabin With Large Covered Porch

Some things are just better when they are kept simple and high quality.


These Park Model Log Cabins Give You The Best Of Both Worlds

Log cabins and park models make the best vacation homes ever.


The Denali XL has All The Comforts of Home

The Denali XL is a tiny house design that is beautiful inside and out.


Blue ADU Nanostead Tiny House near Downtown Asheville

Accessory Dwelling Units or ADUs are becoming very popular around the world.


Company Turns Avocado Pit Waste Into Biodegradable Straws and Cutlery

Plastic items may be convenient, but they are definitely not environmentally friendly.


Atlanta Designer Gives An Old Tiny House A Bright Remodel

It's always nice to see when a home can be transformed into something newer and nicer than before.


BMW Isetta 300 and Mini Caravan

It doesn't get much cuter than this BMW Isetta and mini trailer combination.


Cozy Painted Green Log Cabin - The Interior is Perfect!

This cozy Forest Service cabin building is located along the Bryant Creek Road, in El Dorado, California.


Discover A Remarkable Earthship Home In New Zealand

They always say that one man's trash is another man's treasure, but it's not often that you can find something really great going through the garbage.


Sealander: This Camper Can Also Be Used as a Boat

The Sealander camper is a flexible caravan, a tiny house on wheels that can be used on both land and water.


Cozy Log Cabin With The Perfect Open Floor Plan

The shape of this log house floor plan is an affordable option and a practical option for your dream log house.


VW Microbus Is Officially Coming Back to the United States

Some exciting news has just been announced by Volkswagen in the form of an all-electric vehicle.


Kansas City Based Company Proves That Containers Are Amazing Building Materials

This modern 40-foot steel container home with its covered front porch is just an example of what can be done.


This Yellow Tiny House Is Like a Ray of Sunshine

This cute little yellow tiny house could be yours from Park Model Homes.


This Grain Silo Tiny House uses Salvaged Building Materials and Decor

When you think of grain silos you don't typically think of home designs, but this grain silo tiny house will change that.


Take a Tour of a Blue Cottage With a Fantastic Kitchen and All the Right Details

Downsizing doesn't have to be too intense of a move; you can always move into a smaller home or a condo.


A Boat Made Of Wood And 55 Gallon Poly Drums

Sometimes when you want to build something, you just have to use what you have available to you.


This Solar-Powered Tiny House Lets You Live Entirely Off the Grid

This fantastic off grid super high spec tiny house was constructed by boat builder and cabinet maker Jeff Hobbs.


Reasons Why Hemp Houses Will Be The Best Eco Housing in The World

Hempcrete is a building material used in home designs that is ten times stronger than concrete, and just one-sixth the weight.


A Unique Hobbit Eco Cabin in Norway

A unique eco building vacation built that will feel like a hobbit house experience.

32-foot Farmhouse-style Tiny House With Main-floor Bedroom

This 32-foot tiny house on wheels is one of the larger ones we've come across.


The Integrity Uses Large Logs for Cozy Log Home Living

The Integrity log cabin building showcases quality log home design.


Anything But Your Average Barn! Check It Out on the Link Below...

Barn homes are beginning to be a big trend in home design, and more people are choosing to create homes from old barns, or build homes that look like barns.


Recreational Resort Cottages Features Their New Dream Seeker Tiny House on Wheels

Tiny houses and park models may have their differences, but they are quite similar in a lot of regards too.


Mothers 45ft High Boy Tiny House on Semi Truck Trailer

A sizable tiny house with a very comfortable layout, this tiny house has a lot to offer.


Mobile Living in A Converted Van - Wait Till You See Inside!

The panel van is great for use as a campervan, with sizes varying in length from the short wheel (SWB), medium (MWB) up to long wheelbase (LWB).


Living Off Grid in a Log Cabin

The idea of going off-grid is an appealing idea to many; it means living every day in the fresh air and living a more eco-friendly and sustainable way of life.

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