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This 1.7 Million Mobile Home Has a Built-in Garage. The Interior Is Beyond Good

You'll want to take a closer look at this luxury motorhome that comes from Germany that was priced at $1,700,000 in 2017 (2.


Another Retired Couples Residential-Quality Mobile Living in a School Bus

When couple Jim and Debbie retired about 2 years ago they knew it was time to get their Blue Bird school bus up and ready for full-time travel.


Turn a School Bus Into a Mobile Living Home!

You'll want to take a look at this school bus that was turned into a mobile living home.


BMW Isetta 300 and Mini Caravan

It doesn't get much cuter than this BMW Isetta and mini trailer combination.


VW Microbus Is Officially Coming Back to the United States

Some exciting news has just been announced by Volkswagen in the form of an all-electric vehicle.


Mobile Living in A Converted Van - Wait Till You See Inside!

The panel van is great for use as a campervan, with sizes varying in length from the short wheel (SWB), medium (MWB) up to long wheelbase (LWB).


Pull this Adorable MeerKat Tiny House with Any 4-Cylinder Vehicle AND Store it in Your Regular Garage!

Are your days of tenting coming to a close? Maybe you're interested in getting a tent trailer or a lightweight travel trailer instead.


Vintage VW Truck Towing Classic Hand Built Wooden Teardrop Camper

For those who like the good old, classic vintage trucks and trailers, this one's going to be a showstopper.


Suzuki Samurai Jeep w/ a Rooftop Tiny House

If you love camping, but you don't want to sleep on the ground and can't tow a trailer behind your vehicle, these are some fun ideas you can look into.


The Living Vehicle: A Standard for Mobile Living

This modern and stylish way of mobile living is beautiful inside and out.


It Used To Be a School Bus - Now It's a Cozy Loft On Wheels!

For many, it's a dream to travel the world and explore different lands and cultures.


The Nest is the Compact and Updated Airstream Trailer With Classic Airstream Style

If you love the classic designs of older travel trailers, you have to check out the all new Nest travel trailer from the one and only Airstream.


The Timberline Trailer Looks Like a Little Cabin On Wheels

Homegrown Trailers are a different type of trailer.


Cozy Cute Vintage Mountain Trailer

Taos, New Mexico is known for its beautiful sunsets and mountainscapes making it a favourite vacation spot for many people.


From Falling Apart To Chic Retreat, The Before and After Photos Tell It All

Where this chic cabin stands, was once a home that was practically falling apart.


Mobile Office In a Vintage Airstream For a Silicon Valley Entrepreneur

Architects have converted a 1960s travel trailer into an office and crash pad for an on-the-go tech entrepreneur who enjoys spending time in nature.


Imagine Mobile Living in This Art Deco Inspired Magic Bus!

The Magic Bus might just be the coolest bus you ever see.


The Kite Van Man Teaches You How Customize Your Own Van For Mobile Living

Mobile living has gotten more popular as of late with people exploring different ideas and ways of life.


Bearfoot Theory Offers Plenty of Mobile Living Inspiration

Small house living can mean different things depending on who you talk to.


Want to Try Out Mobile Living? Vanlife Customs Can Help You Out

Take a peek into the world of Vanlife at it's finest with Vanlife Customs.


Camper Trailer Telescopes to Three Times its Size in 20 Seconds

This amazing trailer gives a whole new meaning to teardrop camper designs.


Airstreams Provide Eco Housing On The Road

This story and renovation of an Eco Airstream Off-grid and Off Pipe tiny house design are sure to inspire you.


The Light Weight Protohaus

Embrace the art of living free in The Light Weight Protohaus, a mini house from Protohaus.


Extendable CampreVan is a Perfect Solution for the Family

If you love to camp with your family and friends the Extendable Campervan is a new VW DoubleBack camper van that was launched in Cardiff.


A Completely Re-Built 1966 Electric Volkswagen Van

Those awesome old hippy vans, everyone loved them in their prime and people still continue to love them now.


Brilliant Designs! Expandable Unfolding Trailer Expands 3x It's Original Size

Camping is a favourite pastime for many people, and while some people like to rough it, others like the comfort and space of a trailer.


Van Life DIY From Rusty Van To Cozy Home

People all over the world are coming up with innovative tiny house ideas, that allow them to live life their way, designing and building tiny houses in all sorts of different styles, designs and plans.


A 1977 Dodge Camper Transformed Into an Off Grid Straw Bale Home

Here is a great story that details a whole straw bale project, and the adventures along the way.

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