Eye Catching Garden Sheds With Plenty of Storage

This square wooden garden house is from Perr, with many variations for the construction and furnishing of the garden hut or the tool house.


Gardening is the Hobby that Many Centurians Have in Common

The five places around the world where residents are famed for their longevity include Okinawa in Japan, Nicoya in Costa Rica, Icaria in Greece, Loma Linda in California and Sardinia in Italy.


A Tiny Cabin Guesthouse and Garden Greenhouse Combination

Jeff’s cabin is a charming tiny house building that the owner built while building his larger sized home.


The Incredible Green Dragon Hedge Is A Work Of Art

Having a garden is one of the many pleasures in life, and if you have a garden, you know how enjoyable it can be to go out and tend to it.


Mini City Greenhouses Make Tiny Gardens For Plants and Bees

How cool would it be to walk through a city and see these cute tiny greenhouses around? One designer created had the idea of creating these cool self-sustaining ecosystems to add to the city landscape to create buildings that are alive in a sense.


The Only Way I'll Ever Grow Plants Again... Hydroponic Gardening is Amazing

If you're interested in gardening, plants or even off-grid living, hydroponic gardening is something you may want to have a look at.


Innovative Livi Suction Cup Planter

This innovative suction cup planter helps you grow a garden right in your window.


Get Plans and Instructions to Build a Simple Greenhouse

Whether you're a seasoned gardener or you're just starting out on planting your dream garden, a greenhouse can be a valuable asset to your garden and your plants.


Learn How to Create Compost for Your Garden

Creating your very own backyard vegetable garden is an exciting process, and there's a lot to learn including how to compost if you want to add some good nutrients to your garden.


Here Is How To Prune Your Tomatoes For a Great Harvest

When it comes to planting vegetables, there is a lot more to it than just sticking plants into the ground and watering them.


Here Is How To Grow Celery Indoors

This simple indoor vegetable growing idea will yield you crunchy, crispy celery a vegetable with plenty of health benefits.


DIY Pergola Designs And Ideas For Your Garden

If you are considering building a pergola in your backyard or garden, you need some pergola inspiration.


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