Featured Builders


Featured Log Builder: The Little Log House Company

The Little Log House Company is here to help those who dream of having a log house to build the home they've been imagining and envisioning.


Featured Log Builder: Norlog Building Systems

At Norlog Building Systems, their customers are very important to them which is why they make sure each project they sell is made to last.


Featured Log Builder: John Devries Log and Timber Homes

John Devries Log & Timber Homes, a Canadian log builder from Ontario, has been crafting log and timber buildings since 1976, with a strong emphasis on traditional fine craftsmanship and personal integrity.


Featured Log Builder: Colonial Concepts Log and Timber

Building a log home is more than just choosing a plan and having the home built.


Featured Log Builder: Discovery Dream Homes

Discovery Dream Homes is a log builder based in Keene, Ontario.


Featured Log Builder: Kealey & Tackaberry Log Homes

Kealey & Tackaberry Log Homes is a family owned and operated business that's based west of Ottawa, Ontario in Canada.


Featured Log Builder: Woodland Log Crafters

Real, high-quality log homes built by Woodland Log Crafters will last a lifetime.


Featured Log Builder: Ojibwa Log Homes

Ojibwa Log Homes offer quality log homes and implement handcrafted joinery in all of their projects.


Featured Log Builder: Heim Log Homes

The Heim Log Home business started back in 1979 and now the second generation is continuing on the legacy of log building.


Featured Log Builder: Backwoods Log Homes

Finding the best log builder is top of the list when it comes to building a new log home or cabin.


Featured Log Builder: Blockhausbau

Building a log home doesn't have to be too overwhelming, especially when you find the right log builders to build it for you.


Featured Log Builder: Caribou Creek Log and Timber

Caribou Creek is a log home building company that was started in 1989 in Bonners Ferry, Idaho as a family business.


Featured Log Builder: Linwood Custom Homes

If you are looking for a customizable house plan for your new home, consider one of the customizable plans from Linwood Custom Homes.


Featured Log Builder: Riverbend Log Homes

Just one look through the variety of house plans from Riverbend Log Homes design team will entice you into building a log home of your own.


Featured Log Builder: Heartwood Log Homes

Are you dreaming of a natural log home of your own? Heartwood Log Homes based in Nova Scotia, Canada combines the best of traditional and modern building methods to create some of the most beautiful log homes.


Featured Log Builder: Moore Log & Timber Home

Log home builders located in Abbotsford, British Columbia.


Featured Log Builder: Norse Log Homes

Norse Log Homes are log home builders located in Lantzville, British Columbia.


Featured Log Builder: West Coast Log Homes

Log house builders located in Gibsons, British Columbia.


Featured Log Builder: Kenomee Log Homes

Kenomee Log Homes was incorporated back in 1981 giving these log builders over 35 years of experience.


Featured Log Builder: La Cime Log Homes

You can live in a timeless, traditional style log home built by La Cime Log Homes in Talbot, Quebec.


Featured Log Builder: Flynn Log Homes

Flynn Log Homes is a Canadian log builder located in Quebec, building custom log homes and cabins for over two decades.


Featured Log Builder: Golden Eagle Log Homes

Golden Eagle Log & Timber Homes is a Wisconsin based log builder that has been around for over 50 years.


Featured Log Builder: North America Log Crafters

Handcrafted log house construction creates impressive log homes that are rich, warm and inviting.


Featured Log Builder: Sitka Log Homes

Sitka Log Homes are located in 100 Mile House, British Columbia.


Featured Log Builder: Valmer Puit

When you want high-quality log homes and cabins, going with a skilled log home builder is your best bet.


Featured Log Builder: Lincoln Log Homes

The Original Lincoln Logs is a manufacturer of superior log house and panelized log home packages located in the Adirondack Mountains region of New York State.


Featured Log Builder: Tender Nordic Log Homes

Tender Nordic Log Homes has been in the log building business for quite a while having 23 years of experience and counting.


Featured Log Builder: Highlands Log Structures

Log home builders, Highlands Log Structures from Virginia, strive to provide you with an exceptionally handcrafted log house.


Featured Log Builder: Honest Abe Lob Homes

Honest Abe Log Homes have been in business since 1979, starting as a simple log house manufacturer in Moss, Tennessee and have developed into a strong company built on trust with a focus on family.


Featured Log Builder: Hobbiton Log Homes

When it comes to log homes Hobbiton Log Homes in Estonia values craftsmanship in the construction of their homes, they are one of the largest producers of handcrafted log homes in Europe putting them on the cutting edge of log home building.

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