Off Grid


Unique 100sqft Tiny House Built Off a Cliff! (Extreme Off-grid Cabin)

This unique tiny house building is like nothing you've seen before as it sits right on the edge of a cliff.


Incredible Small Off-Grid Earthship Home

The Earthship is an incredible off-grid, self-sufficient, self-contained studio apartment in the semi-rural Adelaide Hills, just a 45-minute drive from the Auckland central business district.


Simple Off Grid Cabin That Anyone Can Build & Afford

In this video, you'll see how one couple builds a very simple, very affordable tiny cabin.


This Beautiful Dome House Design Would Be Ideal for Off Grid Living

Geodesic home designs were originally the brainchild of Buckminster Fuller.


This Solar-Powered Tiny House Lets You Live Entirely Off the Grid

This fantastic off grid super high spec tiny house was constructed by boat builder and cabinet maker Jeff Hobbs.


Living Off Grid in a Log Cabin

The idea of going off-grid is an appealing idea to many; it means living every day in the fresh air and living a more eco-friendly and sustainable way of life.


This Solar-Powered RV Runs Without Fuel Or Charging Stations

Here's a vehicle that's ideal for people who want to be on the go and off the grid.


Danish Cabin is An Off Grid Retreat in The Cornwall Countryside

The Danish Cabin located in Trebarwith Strand, Cornwall, has movable walls that slide up so you can enjoy the natural surrounding views.


Off-Grid Passive House Shows How Stylish Sustainable Living Can Be

Sustainable housing has been around for quite some time, but passive homes are a new wave of sustainable homes that seem to be popping up everywhere.


A Permaculture Garden and A Passive House Make The Perfect Off-Grid Pair

Going off the grid can mean a lot of things, but for most people, it means getting off of the electrical grid, and the other conventional grids homes are connected to.


Australia's Solution to Off Grid Living in The Self Contained and Sustainable CABN

CABN are off-grid tiny homes that are entirely self-sustainable and are being placed on beautiful parcels of land all over Australia.


Modern Off Grid Living - A Sustainable Prefab Home in Rural Australia

This modern prefab home takes off-grid living to a whole new level.


Live Closer to Nature in an Ark Shelter

These days people are looking for more practical housing solutions than ever before.


Off Grid Cabins On The British Columbia Coast - Sweet Ocean Views!

This cabin building project takes off-grid living to a whole new level with four wood cabins with the same footprint.


Off Grid Cabin Living in Joe's House - The Bedroom View is Incredible!

Joe's House is a completely off-grid house that is nestled in the woods, located off the coast of British Columbia.


A Secret Off-Grid Pool Hidden Deep Inside the Mojave Desert

If you're always on the lookout for fun and interesting things to do, then a secret pool in the Mojave Desert may spark your interest.


The Algae Bulb Led Light Is Perfect For Off Grid Living

Life is not easy without light, and this is why mankind has done everything to innovate and use technology to make sure that there is always lighting.


The Box House: An Off-Grid Cabin in Australia

The Box House is a 388 square foot cabin building designed by Nicholas Murcutt Architect.


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