$10 BITCOIN Investment in 2011 is Worth $500,000 Today

Your dream home may be closer then you think!

If you had invested just $10 into Bitcoin in 2011, it would be worth a staggering $500,000 today. In-fact, if you had invested just to years earlier (in 2009) then your $10 investment would be worth a jaw-dropping 5 MILLION dollars today.

Imagine investing just $10 in 2011 - and being able to buy your dream home with that... it's absolutely mind blowing but it happened - and it's STILL happening today - this article is being written April 4th of 2021 and MANY new cryptocurrencies are absolutely skyrocketing in value - it's not even uncommon on to see new bitcoin-alternatives increasing in value by 100x to 1000x in less then a year. Yes, 100 to 1000 TIMES.

It boggles the mind - but Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum, Litecoin and more are starting to take over the worlds money system. And let's face it - banking systems are fat cat monopolies of carefully regulated and controlled paper money that that massively benefits the bankers and faces inflation every year (losing about 1% of it's value) where by comparison, cryptocurrencies aren't losing value... they are gaining HUGE amounts of value.

Quite frankly - cryptocurrencies are a BETTER money system. It takes the money OUT of the hands of big banks - and puts that value into the hands of it's owner. Big banks are making a killing on interest rates and paying you a pathetic 1% per year for the privilege of holding onto your money. I won't get into great detail, but you should be getting around 10% per year and could be getting that by just investing in cryptocurrency and holding it. But that's just the icing... the CAKE is that where the DOLLAR is losing about 1% of it's value per year, CRYPTOCURRENCY is GAINING massively in value per year. This year BITCOIN went from around $5000 per Bitcoin to (currently) $60,000 per Bitcoin. In ONE year Bitcoin increased in value by over 10 TIMES.


The Bitcoin (and cryptocurrency world) is still a sleeping giant - Even though a single BITCOIN is now worth the price of a luxury car... only about 1% of the worlds population has started to adopt Bitcoin and invest into Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. That means it's NOT TOO LATE to get in - In fact, it's STILL EARLY.

But - things are heating up FAST and the time to act is SOONER then LATER (and ideally right NOW). This is quite literally the biggest investment opportunity of the century - and something that is about to change our entire money system. There is way too much to sum up in this article, BUT, services like Coinbase and Binance have made it quite EASY and SAFE to start investing some money into Cryptocurrencies.

In-fact, let's take a quick look at HOW TO GET STARTED if your NEW TO CRYPOCURRENCY

How to Get Some Cryptocurrency


Easy and user friendly - very safe and secure place to get some Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies).

CONS: Limited in it's selection of available cryptocurrencies - but it is expanding quickly and it's by FAR the least technical/complicated platform to use (VERY EASY) in-fact.


Now this, is a somewhat more (actually fairly complicated) place to get some cryptocurrency - BUT, if your tech-savvy / investment savvy and want a LOT more options. Binance is the way to go (WARNING : this website may be a bit overwhelming to learn how to use if your not quite savvy). But you can get all sorts of alternative coins that aren't available on Coinbase.


I also use HOTBIT, as an alternative that's fairly easy to use - and ALSO offers a lot of new and upcoming smaller cryptocurrencies that are not available on other platforms. This is good for when you REALLY start getting into crypocurrency investing - but, if you want to stick to the main coins (to start) - then I still suggest COINBASE.

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