Viktoria Traditional Log House - The Living Roof is Amazing!

The Viktoria is one of the nicest log cabin designs you will see. Latlaft is a Norwegian log home building company that is a family-owned company, that started in the log house market in 2001. During these years, the log home builders have grown into one of the market leaders, and are recognized for their top quality and outstanding reputation. The log building company operates solely in the Norwegian market by offering handcrafted log cabin buildings. They offer a full spectrum of quality log cabin building services. The main values of this log home company include customer satisfaction, high-quality standards, operational excellence, continuous development and improvements and environmentally friendly production and products.

One of the features in these Norwegian log homes include the log frame. The log frame is the most crucial part of the log cabin building. Therefore the longevity and the esthetic appearance of the frame is of the highest importance. To achieve this, the focus when building the log frame is determined by the quality and the standardized craftsmanship of the building materials. With the Laftlaft log homes, you will receive eight inch thick logs from slow-growing pine trees with a minimum of 70 percent heartwood, the standard figure cut on the end of the walls, precut window and door openings and incline cuts for the roof panel in the upper logs of the walls. Also included with the log cabin building is a cut for the ceiling boards in the upper log of horizontal walls, natural linen as insulation between the logs, rainwater cut in the first log layer, wooden plugs, metal clamps and bolts.

No cabin building can be complete without a spacious outdoor terrace to enjoy the breathtaking views of Norwegian nature. Another option that you have with these log cabin buildings are handmade log furniture for the terrace. Massive, handmade wooden furniture set that perfectly matches the style of the cabin building will help to make the terrace to be your favorite spot and make your cabin building experience complete. Another feature of these stunning wood cabins include the columns. The columns play an important role in the overall design of the cabin building as well as provide structural support to the log frame and the roof construction. Therefore, the design of the column is carefully crafted to match the solid presence of the log cabin frame. Square handcrafted columns are offered as standard with the additional option of a rounded design.

One of the features that are especially appealing in this Norwegian log cabin design is the living or cold roof. The traditional cold roof is the most suitable type of roof for cabin building that has proven itsโ€™ durability over hundreds of years. The cold roof is constructed with top quality building materials and will make your cabin building stand out among the others. With a cold roof design, the roof temperature stays the same as the temperature of the outside air. A cold roof helps to prevent the formation of ice dams, which can be a regular problem with warm roofs.

There are several benefits of a cold or green roof. These roofs can expand the life of your roof two to three-time (up to 60 years). Other benefits include reduced air-conditioning costs, reduced winter heating costs, and stormwater management tool. Other benefits include reduced stormwater runoff, reduce smog and improve air quality, reduce noise, reduce energy demand, improve the aesthetics of the cabin building, provide green space. Green roofs can reduce the carbon monoxide impact, remove nitrogen pollution from rain, neutralize acid rain effect and provide habitat for wildlife.

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