You Won't Believe This Tranquil, Sky Garden House is Actually in a Major City!

Now, people can get into a variety of different incredible eco-friendly options when designing and building a home and they don't just have to be smaller homes either. There are so many incredible homes these days. Including this eco home with lush and ornate architecture with the latest technological advancements, and spectacular open concepts with high vaulted ceilings and bay windows. Those are just some of the ways to incorporate luxury into the structure. There are even water features created around the home too which brings a sense of peace and zen to the space. Designed by Guz Architects, for this home he chose a different form of extravagance. The house may look big, but instead of being a monstrous concrete and wooden structure that sets itself apart from nature, this home has been built to blend in with its beautiful green surroundings. Sitting on the island of Sentosa, this house is among other generic skyscrapers and homes but stands out for its eco-friendly design.

The curved rooftop and other floor space is covered with grass and another greenery to create the feeling of being in nature no matter where you're standing in the home. It's paired with plenty of gardens and small ponds throughout and has a gorgeous spiral staircase in the center that ties together all four floors of this gorgeous house. Many parts of the house are built to have a rooftop that shields you from the elements, but it has no walls to still give you the fresh and airy breeze as if you're standing outside. There are skylights throughout and grass space on every level. So even though you're living in the city, you still feel like you're sitting in the middle of a nature-filled landscape.

Who says big and beautiful homes can't be eco-friendly too? This particular home proves that you can still have a larger home if you need or want to and it can be built and run in a very eco-friendly way. For example, the green roof of the home. A green roof or living roof is when the roof of a home or any other building is covered with plants that grow on a waterproofing membrane. There are also other layers like the root barrier, drainage and irrigation systems to water the plants. This is what you see on this eco home, a complete green roof that is covered with grass. A green roof or living roof will absorb rainwater as well as provide insulation for the home keeping it nice and cool in the summertime and warmer in the winter, just as if the home were underground. It also creates a place for wildlife to thrive which blends nature and modern buildings.

This building has integrated a green roof beautifully and not just on the flat areas of the roof. The builders and landscapers were also sure to keep the green roof going on the curved part of the roof as well which is so lovely. This home is some serious inspiration for anyone who's into eco homes and green building.

More about this story can be found at: Guz Architects

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