You Have To See Inside This Very Roomy Hunter Green Cottage

If you have been considering downsizing or building a tiny cabin for yourself and your family, a cabin like the Hunter Green Cabin by Molecule Tiny Homes could fit the bill. Costing only $68,000 this cottage has so much to offer. The home is built on a sturdy 9 foot by 20-foot 10,000-pound weight limit trailer, but it can also be built on a foundation as well. The tiny cottage has two lofts; one 8 foot by the 6-foot loft and another 8 foot by 3-foot loft with a standard staircase leading up to the loft as well as loft railings to keep it safe. They also added oil rubbed bronze fixtures throughout the home for a very attractive look. To keep the air in the home circulating there is a 44-inch ceiling fan in the middle of the house as well which is great for pushing all of the hot air from the loft areas downward. In the bathroom, there is a full-sized soaking tub which is amazing for a smaller home since there are usually only shower stalls in tiny houses. Wouldn't it be nice to still enjoy baths in your tiny house?

In the kitchen, there is an apartment sized 4.5 cubic foot fridge and a built-in fridge cabinet for additional storage. The kitchen also features a stainless steel sink and a three burner range with an oven that runs off of liquid propane. The cabinetry in the kitchen is absolutely beautiful, created custom for this tiny house design out of Douglass fir, and all of the wood throughout the home on the walls is natural hickory wood. They also used Douglas fir for the flooring and on the exterior for the house siding. The home is fully insulated and has a full vapour barrier. They also included four 2foot by 4-foot transom windows up top and two 3 foot by 4-foot windows on the main floor. Plus, two 2 foot by 3-foot loft end windows. The bathroom also has a 1 foot by 2-foot window in it as well. The front door is a 32-inch door, and there are also 5-foot french doors. Outside, there's also a 4 foot by 8-foot awning at the front door which provides some shelter when you're coming in the door which is important. For hot water, like most tiny houses on wheels, they added in on-demand hot water, and for the toilet, a Natures Head composting toilet which is a very popular choice. The tiny house on wheels also has RV style hookups for to hook up to a power outlet and full solar panel power as well.

When you're parking a tiny house, if you already have solar installed, you are good to park it pretty much anywhere you'd like. Especially if you have a composting toilet and propane appliances, you can also get a water storage tank to store your own water in and even get into rainwater harvesting. You would have to conserve water a bit, but once you got into the habit of it, it wouldn't be a big deal. If you don't need to be off the grid, you can still plug into a power source and have constant electricity coming into your home. You can also hook up a hose to the main water supply of a home and get water from there if you're parked close to a home. Usually, it's best to be no more than 100 feet away from a house to get electricity and water from it though. Check out this tiny house design and see what you think, could you live in a tiny home like this? Or would you just use it as a cabin?

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