West End Tiny House by Tiny in a Box Makes the Most of its Small Space

You wouldn't even be able to tell from the outside at first, but these tiny homes are made out of shipping containers. The West End tiny house from Tiny In A Box is made up of two shipping containers creating a total of 320 square feet. The interior space is made using sustainable and recycled materials for an eco-friendly and healthy place to live. Plus they also have a bathroom, a kitchen and a living room as well as a nice bedroom area. The windows in the tiny house really help to open it up as well, making it feel larger inside. The stove, fridge and deck are not included, but everything else is included with prices starting at $60,000.00 for the model you see here. They take a $500 non-refundable deposit to confirm the order, and that is also deducted from the overall cost of the house. Each home is custom built meaning that customers get exactly what they want and need in their tiny house.

The home looks really stylish on the exterior with wood siding covering up the shipping container so you wouldn't even know that it was made of metal. Shipping containers provide the perfect starting structure for tiny houses or even larger houses since they can be stacked and added onto to make whatever design and floor plan you choose. Tiny In A Box gives people the opportunity to design their own structure using their models and building from them. All of the tiny houses can come with electric and plumbing to make the home functional, or they can also build garages and workshops from these shipping containers too. They could also be set up as stores, restaurants or coffee shops too. Even pop-up shops would be great in a container building like this.

Tiny In A Box is located in Alabama, but they will deliver worldwide since shipping containers are easy to transport. They will create the home design according to the customer's needs and then ship it out to them to set up on their land wherever permitted. All of the buildings are built to the highest building standards and meet codes, fire regulations and structural inspections. The designs and renderings show just how beautiful one of their spaces can be when it's all set up and ready to live in. Stepping in through the front door, the shipping container home has everything a home needs, including nice hardwood flooring and painted drywall. Some people leave the metal walls of shipping containers exposed, but the drywall helps the space feel more like a home. They also add decorative lighting and lots of windows to bring in natural light and surrounding views.

Then, just add some nice, stylish furniture, and the container is a complete home ready to be lived in and enjoyed. The open concept space provides the perfect space for daily life and entertaining people. The designs also implement plenty of storage to keep the small space clean and tidy. The bedroom is spacious enough for a queen sized bed with enough room to walk around. Multifunctional furniture would also work great in a space like this too. The bathroom includes a full sized shower and a flush toilet as well as a nice vanity and mirror. The option of adding a deck onto the home would be a great idea to extend the living space outdoors. A deck is always a great place to sit out and enjoy the nice weather. If you're considering building a tiny house or a shipping container home from scratch, consider having one created for you to make things much easier.

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