Unique Mountain Mansard Tiny House Built With Reclaimed Building Materials

With so many small house plans out there, it's nice to see this unique take on small house living. This Mountain Mansard tiny home does just that. It's a good place to start if you want some tiny house inspiration. The tiny house building was built in Dolores, Colorado, and was set up as a finished building project in about an hour. About 75 percent of the tiny house design was built from reclaimed building materials from local sources including old barns. The unique small house plan has a removable 40 square foot panelized addition that can be used for either sleeping or storage.

The Mountain Mansard tiny house design was built by Spice Box Homes owner Chris Curry. The tiny home includes timbers from local sawmills, wood flooring, metal siding, a kitchen made of reclaimed building materials and a rocket mass heater. This tiny house design is both eco-friendly and sustainable. This tiny house building in Dolores, Colorado was set up in an hour if you can believe it, and the home is in true Mansard style. Inspired by French architecture and the earliest one was built by Pierre Lescot on the part of the Louvre Museum in about 1550. This type of roof design is known for its boxy look, kind of like a top hat on top of the tiny house building and the slopes that jut out over the house or building.

It's very interesting and unique that Curry would choose to use this type of roof on a tiny house building like this and that it looks so great on this rustic, shabby chic home design. The roof also makes for some added headspace and even an attic space in the home itself, offering loft space where you can store extra items or even as a place to put a bed. Many of the Victorian style home design even in Canada and the United States feature this type of roof and are sometimes even fake ones just used to cover up unsightly heating boxes and fans. The weathered, rustic look of the metal makes fits in perfectly to its natural location.

The tiny house building itself looks beautiful in the wide-open landscape of the prairie with the mountain range set behind it. It doesn't get much better than a scenic view such as this and a nice thing to look forward to every day. Using reclaimed and recycled building materials is a good way to give your tiny home design some character. Of course these days everyone is hoping to lessen their carbon footprint even just a bit, and what better way to do that than to use some recycled building materials that are sourced locally. And when you use recycled building materials your tiny house building or home design has a story to tell. This is just one of the building approaches you might consider when thinking about small house living, even if you just take a bit of inspiration from this home you are off to a good start.

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