Truck Transformed Into Amazing Solar Powered Off Grid Home

Dreaming of tiny homes and mobile campers? Want to live off the grid and still be mobile? Well, check out what Joseph Tayyar created. Tayyar saw a show on TV about small homes and since he had some carpentry experience under his belt, he decided to build and create a tiny house of his own using his skills. So after years of work and dedication, his small dream house was completed. The 50-year-old Israeli animator transformed his 11.5-meter (38-foot) truck into an amazing solar powered off-grid home. It’s got so much class, you’d never know you were in a truck. Well-placed windows and light-coloured, wood-lined walls make it warm and bright and it appears to have tons of room. The design is a space-savers dream too. The walls are well-insulated to keep you warm in cooler climes, or cool in warmer ones, and there are two bunks, one ingeniously nestled in an upper loft area where you’d never find it unless you were looking.

There’s a dining area and lots of sitting room throughout; there’s a work area where the computer can be hidden away yet easily accessed, and a large bathroom as well. All of the woodwork in this mobile home is incredible, and the attention to detail is spot on. There's even a kitchen in this mobile truck home, which has an apartment sized fridge, and a built-in gas range on the countertop. There's also the bathroom close to the kitchen which has a shower, toilet and sink in it with even more storage built-in. It's so important to have good storage in a smaller space and it really makes a bit different if you can organize all of your stuff neatly. It just makes the entire space feel more put together and clean. Plus, you'll always know where everything is too which is nice.

Up on top of the roof, you’ll find the most impressive photovoltaic solar panels you’ve ever seen. This will power the house even if it's parked off-grid meaning that it can be lived in pretty much anywhere that gets enough sunlight each day. The water storage area, hidden under the lower bedroom, makes water available off-grid as well. This has been a true labour of love for Joseph Tayyar, and it has paid off. A little more expensive than most mobile tiny homes, he spent around $225,000 US to create his masterpiece and he feels it’s been totally worth it. And one of his greatest hopes is that others will be inspired to build their own as he was.

Imagine a world filled with mobile tiny home villages where all are living small but dreaming big, with total freedom to come and go as they please. Not all tiny houses have to be this pricey and many go for as little as $30,000 which is quite affordable to anyone saving up for a regular home. With the prices of housing rising all the time, it's no wonder people are turning to options like these cute little homes, or at least using them for vacation purposes.

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