This Pedal-Powered Washing Machine Works Without Electricity

If you're thinking about making the shift to off-grid living, then you might be looking for a washing machine to wash your clothes easily without any handwashing. This pedal-powered washing machine would be perfect for an off-grid living situation where you had little to no electricity. Or it could even be great for city living as well if you live in an apartment complex that has laundry, but you would rather not use the shared laundry or you don't have access to any laundry at all in your building and have to go the laundry mat. Or some people like to have a washing machine when they go RVing or camping without having to install regular machines. There also need to be more solutions for small house living when it comes to laundry machines. Regular laundry machines are also quite expensive, so for those who can't afford them, it's also great to find affordable solutions that work well.

If you are off grid, and you don't have water hookups or electricity, you can run into trouble when trying to find the perfect washing machine to use in your off-grid situation. This Drumi off grid pedal-powered washing machine will be a godsend to so many people who need an affordable, reliable and easy to use the washing machine. This means you don't have to handwash your clothes or take them somewhere to wash them. The Drumi is capable of washing and rinsing out your garnets of clothing pretty well and then you can hang them up to dry outside if the weather is nice, or inside on a drying rack to air dry.

The Drumi pedal-powered washing machine, so all you do is put your clothing into the large bowl, add the soap and water and then just pump the pedal that powers the ball to spin around with the added soap and water. Once the clothes are washed you simply drain the machine into the drain of your shower or bathtub and rinse the soap out by adding more water to the machine with no soap and pumping the pedal again. Once there is no soap left in the Drumi, you can remove your items and hang them to dry. Doesn't that sound like a super easy and efficient way to wash your clothes? This off-grid machine is also able to wash delicate garments of clothing without ruining them. It's a really safe and gentle way to wash your clothes.

It's also great that there are such wonderful energy efficient options out there now for people. In a day and age when we are concerned about our energy consumption, a washing machine like this off-grid pedal-powered washing machine is the perfect fit for so many situations. If you want to be very environmentally friendly, make sure you use all natural or biodegradable laundry detergent, especially if you are draining your soapy water directly into a grey water system that goes right out of your home into the soil. There are plenty of environmentally friendly soaps that you can purchase online or in your local grocery store that are safe and totally effective to wash your clothes.

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