This Northern California Tiny House Blends Perfectly With Its Country Location

This Northern California bathhouse is a cheerful 260 square foot tiny home designed by Richardson Architects. The quaint space was built using wear resistant and non-corrosive building materials and provides the perfect space for family and friends to stay. You'll want to take a look inside this charming space with its wrap around covered porch, beautiful location and country design details.

The tiny house building located on the Pt. Reyes peninsula along the Northern California coast was designed to support a large group of children for a yearly family summer camp. The tiny house building is located amongst a cluster of farm buildings and is designed to effortlessly blend in with the environment of the pastoral dairy farm. The tiny house bathhouse provides comfortable amenities for the nearby tent platform with sleeping quarters. The tiny house design concept embraces a fun, whimsical and practical character that lends to its rural farm property. With non-corrosive and wear-resistant building materials that used galvanized sheet metal, MDO board, painted plywood, sealed board and batt siding, and painted plywood and MDO board.

The tiny house building uses whitewashed paint on the exterior for a look that is fresh, clean, and bright. And the red trim and red metal roof ties in perfectly to with the barn buildings on the site, and gives the tiny house building a little colour but not too much. The wrap around deck wraps halfway around the tiny house and provides the perfect place to hang out, and the home even has a huge chalkboard for the kids to draw on. When you take a look inside, you might find it hard to believe that this tiny house building is only 260 square feet, as it looks much larger than that. The bedroom in this tiny house design is really large, and same with the kitchen, you can see that this tiny house design was well planned out. The colors are gorgeous and cheery throughout, with yellows, reds, blues, and white throughout, it feels like such a lovely environment for both kids and adults alike, fun and playful, but still very stylish and modern. The table with the lemonade on it on the patio of the house is totally what you would picture doing on the beautiful outdoor deck of the tiny house building.

It's amazing just how far good planning can go in a tiny house design. Less space doesn't mean you can't have good design, and when you plan, you can make your space work efficiently for you and your family. This bathhouse in Northern California is a good example of just that, the wraparound patio extends the inside space outdoors, and provides a place to hang out with family and friends, entertain and enjoy the beautiful view. The location of this tiny house design is another factor at making this tiny house design work so well. Not everyone has the option of building on a piece of property as lovely as this, but a natural setting can go a long way to making your tiny house space work. Another reason this tiny house building works so nicely is the simple, uncluttered design and details used. White paint and plenty of windows open up the tiny house design and make it feel more open, not to mention provide the perfect backdrop to use splashes of color throughout.

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