This Modern Tiny Shed Has A Retractable Roof

These modern wooden sheds from architectural design studio Rever & Drage feature a tiny hut with a retractable roof and a couple of sheds that easily slide open to offer scenic views of the nearby fjord. The cluster of wooden cabin buildings located in Norway was created to be a multi-purpose facility near the client's existing summerhouse. The shed cabin buildings were planned to be used as a rain shelter, a tool shed and a camping area, which they planned to use as a toolshed, a rain shelter and a camping area. The architects for the shed responded by designing a group of three cabin building sheds surrounding a small patio.

Each cabin building integrates either folding or sliding mechanisms, allowing them to be adapted for different activities or to suit the changing weather conditions. The largest of the three cabin buildings is a rectangular hut with a roof that easily slides forward, creating a canopy for the outdoor patio in front. Rather than exposing the interior of the cabin building to the elements, the open roof reveals a layer of glass that lets the natural light into the space but still protects it from the rain. Making the roof on the cabin building slide back and forth gave the building project a unique look with its wires, wheels, sliding beams and counterweights it was compared to something Leonardo da Vinci might design.

The other two cabin buildings function as storage areas and feature custom doors that slide apart. The rear walls of both of the cabin buildings are glazed so that when open they offer views to the coastline. The cabin building is subject to a daily spray of salt water from the strong tides, so the architects treated the timber with a layer of tar to help protect it from corroding. The tar brings out the visual depth of the wood, while also giving the shed some warmth with the evening setting sun. These modern shed designs offer some good inspiration and take outdoor garden sheds to a whole new level.

The cabin buildings are located near the owner's summer house on a plot in rural Norway, with the multi-purpose cabin buildings transforming from storage containers to camping area to rain shelter. The sheds are made from timber that was sourced from responsible sources, harmonizing with the beauty of the Norwegian wilderness. The tiny cabin buildings are set on a wooden platform, perched at the top of a hill in a lovely forested area that overlooks a picturesque fjord near the family’s summer home. The group of three cabin buildings surround an elevated platform and morph for different uses with the folding and sliding doors and roofing.

The largest of the cabin buildings has a unique roof that slides open to create a spacious overhang on the outdoor patio in front while revealing a glass skylight on top of the structure. The skylight allows the natural sunlight to permeate the interior, while the spacious overhang protects the outdoor patio from rain, making it the ideal space for camping or enjoying the outdoors.

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