This Light Filled Cottage in the Netherlands Is Completely Made by Hand

Every space of this cottage has been well thought out, planned and executed for maximum flow, comfort and use. Not one inch of this light-filled airy cottage has been neglected. The small cottage home is sleek and modern, located in the quiet forest of Utrecht, Netherlands. The unique small house plan designed by Roel van Norel and Zecc Architects who have thought of everything. From the gabled stone roof to the western red cedar cladding and everything in between, the designers have created a space that is functional, sustainable and one that perfectly engages all of the senses at the same time. Zecc Architects and van Norel have to take the seemingly impossible and produced a lovely, exquisite home design that allows the owner to take in as little or as much of nature's bounty as they desire. The small cottage home has shutters that open and close easily and sliding panels to close off the sleeping area, making for lots privacy when needed in this light-filled cabin.

The west side of the small cottage home is clad with six shutters made of horizontal, western red cedar slats that can easily be opened or closed with a single movement. The designers wanted the cottage to be able to feel cozy when needed. The small cottage home may appear conventional at first glance, but upon closer views, you can see just how unique this home design is. The small cottage home has an asymmetrical roof, with slate shingles that extend all the way down the eastern side to close the space off completely. The small cottage home has a ceiling that is hewn from Douglas fir, which gives the home a warm glow. The rafters in the home design were designed to emulate the look of strong ceiling beams.

The small cottage home is neatly divided into public and private spaces, with the front of the house containing the kitchen and the living areas and the back the bedroom and bath, overhung by a small mezzanine. There is a hidden wooden panel that can be drawn closed between the two sections for greater privacy. Above the sleeping area, there is a small entresol, and along the long side of the closed facade, all of the facilities are integrated into a wall of oak to include the kitchen, a toilet, shower, sink, wood stove and several cabinets. Even the plinth of the modern kitchen is designed as a drawer so that every square inch of the small cottage home is used and thought out.

The small cottage home is asymmetrical in design. The home is completely closed off on one side by putting the slates vertical on the facade. The other side of the unique small house plan opens up to green views and is equipped with movable window shutters. That way the view and sunlight can be directed where needed. The horizontal slats of the window shutters continue into the cladding of the small cottage house so that when the shutters are closed the tiny home gets a closed character. The front of the small cottage home is completely transparent and has a rough/sturdy steel facade. This part of the house focuses on the open part of the landscape.

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