This Earth Sheltered Wooded Hut has a Very Unique Bedroom

Made in the Sami tradition, this Norwegian earth sheltered hut makes an interesting and unique accommodation for your time in Norway. Cozy and rustic, with lots of comfortable seating, you will enjoy a peaceful and restful stay. A wood stove will keep you cozy in the winter and the earth covered hut stays cool in the summer. Using passive solar combined with earth sheltering, particularly when built below the frost line, this hut will cost 80 - 90% less to heat and cool than a conventional home. Without using passive solar design the same hut will save 50% in heating and cooling cost over a conventional home. Earth sheltered homes are weatherproof, pest proof and very low in maintenance. While the earth itself is not a good insulator, it is the earth's thermal mass and a constant temperature of 50 degrees, that makes it an effective and affordable way to build a sustainable home.

Unique homes or places to stay such as the Norwegian earth sheltered hut can be found on Airbnb. You will be able to find something in every price range, for any length of stay. You can find a wonderful cabin with a view, ski in and ski out accommodations or perhaps a unique place like this Norwegian earth sheltered hut built in the Sami tradition. The Sami peoples lived in an area that covered parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia's Kola peninsula. The semi-nomadic reindeer herders often had one or more permanent homes, built either in frame or sod style. These permanent homes were used in their winter communities and in the spring through to the fall, they moved to allow the reindeer herds to pasture. At that time they would live in a circular type of tent. In both dwellings, the houses or tents were arranged around a central fire pit. Come to experience a delightful stay in Norway's beautiful Hol, Buskerud. To view fabulous places to stay such as this Norwegian earth sheltered hut.

This would be such a great opportunity to explore different eco-housing styles and building methods from around the world. There is a reason we still use many of these building methods even centuries later because they work and provide very efficient housing. Although building practices have evolved over the years to produce homes that are faster and more affordable to build, many people are choosing eco-housing over modern building techniques. The traditional methods are often healthier for us as humans too, with low to no VOCs which are volatile organic compounds that are emitted from products like paint and building materials. This building is about as natural as it gets. You can see that the cabin is covered in greenery in the summer which helps to cool the home, and then in the winter snow is packed up around the home to protect it from harsh cold winds. This would be such a cozy and comfortable place to stay and enjoy some true rest and relaxation taking in the beauty of simple traditional living.

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