The Wanderlust Tiny House Has a Bright Interior With Plenty Of Space

Tiny houses are becoming more popular as time goes on and people are very interested in living in tiny houses on wheels like this Wanderlust Tiny House from the Wanderlust Tiny House builders. The tiny house movement seems fairly new, but it is just because it has gotten more attention over the last few years with shows on television and more tiny house building companies starting up to build other people's tiny houses on wheels. Tiny house living is not for everyone, but the people who like it, absolutely love living in their tiny homes. So what is considered a tiny house anyway? A tiny house is really any house that is under 1000 square feet in total. But the tiny houses on wheels need to be much smaller than that. In fact there are really no tiny houses on wheels that are above 400 square feet. This is because the tiny houses on wheels also have to be within the set perimeters to fit on highway roads. The tiny houses on wheels cannot exceed the measurements of eight feet wide by thirty feet long and thirteen feet high. This makes them easy to move from one place to another making them perfect for people who live on the go.

This awesome tiny house from Wanderlust Tiny House building company has a great, bright and cheery interior and a fairly spacious design concept. The different colours that are incorporated into the tiny house design help to make it feel more spacious and bright and all of the great windows really help as well. The kitchen in this tiny house has a smaller sized refrigerator which fits perfectly into the kitchen space. There is a countertop burner insert that works on gas, there is no large oven, but there is a smaller convection oven which many people choose to use to save more space for storage in the kitchen. The loft area which serves as the bedroom of the tiny house is a good size for a loft, with enough head room to sit up in bed with a book or a good movie. The stairs in the tiny house design also function as storage which is so important in a tiny house design. This way you have two functions in one thing. Tiny house designs are always very functional, and use every square inch of the floor plan.

Lauren and Patrick are the couple behind Wanderlust the Tiny House company and they have dropped their old lives for a freer, happier life on the road in their tiny house on wheels. The couple was tired of working just to afford their three bedroom house which is initially what made them decide to join in on the tiny house movement. They ordered their tiny house from Tumbleweed Tiny House company and finished the rest of it themselves. They intend to travel around the United States for six months visiting many different places in many different states. So far, they have been on the road for a month. Just them and their two dogs and they say in their blog how much they love it. They even have their itinerary on their website so people can see where they will be heading to next. They have also planned to head up to Canada for a few stops in places like Vancouver, Banff and Montreal. People can also send them any of their suggestions for places to travel through a contact form on their website. This is what tiny house living is all about, the ability to live free and do what your heart desires while having a place to call home the whole way.

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