The Siesta Key Represents the Perfect Combination Of Size and Value

Siesta Key refers to the two beautiful beach-themed, custom tiny houses built by Modern Tiny Living for the Tiny House Beach Resort in Siesta Key, Florida. These tiny houses on wheels were meant to mimic the color and design of the area, and the builders were honored to take part in the tiny house project. Even more exciting, these 28-foot tiny houses represent the perfect combination of both size and value. These tiny houses on wheels comfortably sleep 6 plus people, including a king-sized loft, first-floor master bedroom, a guest queen-sized loft, and a pull-out sofa. It's the perfect beach getaway.

The 28-foot tiny houses on wheels sit on custom tiny house trailer foundations and have 318 square feet of space. The Siesta Key has Smart Siding with a 60 Year Warranty and a metal roof with a 40 Year Warranty. The tiny house has vinyl wood flooring with cork underlay, Sherwin Williams Paint, Woodwright Stain, and melamine interior walls. The tiny house has a dual staircase, vaulted private master bedroom, custom barn door bathroom entry, white piping for shelves and handrails, large king-sized loft, guest queen-sized loft, and a welcome front deck.

The kitchen has a 32-inch farmer sink and premium faucet, an electric stovetop, large pantry, brown maple stained counters and accents, and a mini-fridge. The bathroom has flush toilets that are direct to septic, 32 inches by 32-inch shower, water/heat/insulation, mini-split 9000 BTU, electric tankless water heater, 50 Amp Service and 3-inch closed-cell spray foam insulation.

When it comes to towing your tiny house on wheels you don't want to have too little of a truck, especially if you plan to travel frequently. It is extremely dangerous to both yourself and other motorists o use a truck that cannot handle the weight of your tiny house on wheels. Too often accidents happen when people attempt to tow their tiny houses on wheels with standard size SUVs such as Chevy Tahoe, Tesla Model X, Jeep Cherokee, or Ford Explorer which will not safely tow a tiny house on wheels. If you plan to tow your 20 foot plus tiny house on wheels you'll want to use at the minimum a 3/4 ton diesel truck which will comfortably tow your tiny house on wheels. Anything larger you will need a 1-ton diesel truck, preferably a dually. Diesel is critical when it comes to tow strength.

On the other hand, if you do not plan to move your tiny house on wheels frequently, it is highly suggested that you rent a work truck or pay someone (try U-Ship) to move your tiny home. You don't need to invest in an expensive truck if you are only moving infrequently. However, if your dream is to travel the countryside with your tiny house on wheels, you will want to get in the market for a diesel truck to make your travel smooth, safe, and risk-free. It is also to remember that all homes require maintenance. Windows should be re-caulked every 5 years and replaced every 20 years or so. However, it isn’t a one-size-fits-all plan.

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