The PAN Treetop Cabins Are A Vacation in The Trees!

The PAN Treetop cabin buildings are a one of a kind vacation idea. The treehouse cabins are designed by architect MNAL Espen Surnevik. The vision of the treehouse architect was to create a design that would easily settle into the landscape with as little impact to the surrounding nature as possible. In the treehouse design, the forest was the biggest source of inspiration, with other sources of inspiration being the North American A-lodges, modern power lines, and the houses of the Moomin characters which were all part of the creative process that leads up to the design of the PAN Treetop cabins.

The treehouse cabin buildings were designed to be energy efficient. The angle and the placement of the cabin buildings were carefully adjusted to the sun to help provide the optimum experience of natural light and nature at any time of the day. The large glass facades on the cabins let all of the natural light in helping to add to the ambience of the treehouse experience while also heating the living area. The energy efficient cabin design minimizes the energy expenditure and creates an environmentally conscious recreational activity. The building materials that are used on the cabin building interior and flooring are all chosen to adhere to sustainable principles. This also plays along with the natural lighting so you will feel as though you are sitting in nature, even though you are in the cabin. At night you can sit in the treehouse cabin and watch the sunset slowly changing into the night while the sounds of the forest changes as the light diminish. This is the perfect holiday idea to try something new while also feeling relaxed surrounded by nature.

Leading up to the PAN cabin building you will find a winding staircase that is encased in a wired cylinder. The natural light permeates through the wiring that makes up the cylinder. Beneath the treehouse cabins, there is braided steel works to support the cabin building. The treehouse cabins are not attached to the trees because of safety measures and for the sake of preserving the trees. Instead of feeling the swaying of the treehouse cabins in the wind, the trees will move while the treehouse cabins stay put. The cabin building is placed on top of four pillars that are anchored to the natural rocky ground which makes the treehouse cabins just as safe as a house that’s built on the ground. PAN Treetop cabins are built to withstand the force of more than two hurricanes making them safe for every weather condition that this part of Norway will experience.

While staying at the Pan cabin buildings, you will also have the chance to experience the wildlife in their natural habitat. It's good to know that the wild animals will stay away from people as long as they hear and see them. So as a general rule while staying at the PAN cabins is to make some noise while walking around in the forest. The tiny cabin buildings are just two hours away from Oslo. The Pan treetop cabin buildings are located at Finnskogen. From the top of the trees, you get a panoramic view of the natural surroundings.

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