The Nugget: A Vintage Trailer Makeover

The Nugget is a cute old camper that got a much needed remodel. Now it looks great and yet still has a lot of character of its own. It's so wonderful to see something old get a facelift, bringing it back to life once again. So often we just see vehicles and trailers go to salvage yards where they ultimately rust away. Thankfully, that's not what happened with The Nugget, an older camper that Mandi from Vintage Revivals bought and remodelled herself. Buying something that would otherwise be sitting in a salvage yard or garbage dump, or rusting away in somebody's yard is not only a fun project, doing this also helps to keep waste down. Plus, it can also help you save a lot of money in comparison to buying a new camper. Plus, these vintage trailers have so much character and charm, it's hard to resist them. Mandi called her sweet vintage camper The Nugget.

At first, The Nugget was a vintage trailer that was bought in pretty dismal condition, but Mandi saw the potential in it and did a tremendous job of refinishing it and making it over completely with her partner while still keeping the old classic charm. She and her partner took everything out and just used some of the existing cabinets, and the bones of the trailer. She refinished everything, taking the old, outdated, dark faux wood panelling that was so popular in the 70s out, and added some nice fresh white paint on the walls and cabinets. Just doing that freshened it up a lot.

Then she recovered the bench seat and they also put in new flooring, which looks awesome, new tiles in the kitchen and a cool new wooden door that has a vintage vibe. The colours she chose in decorating the home are perfect for the revival of the vintage camper. She stuck with pastel colours which have the 50s or 60s feel to them and added some hints of metallics here and there. The camper includes a table with bench seating that can be folded down into a bed, but when it's up in the table function it would be perfect for a little dinner gathering or working. The kitchenette has everything you'd need while camping including a sink and a cooktop.

There's even a tiny bathroom which is enough space to brush teeth and wash up. Overall, this trailer is quite a beautiful renovation. They did such a great job in making the rusty old and outdated trailer feel like a home and now they have a killer way to travel in style. What an inspiring makeover. Doesn't it just make you want to find one of these and do a make over all your own? If you do, there are usually plenty of trailers for sale on buy and sell groups in most areas. Otherwise, maybe you even have a family member looking to get rid of an old camper or trailer like this. Even vans can make for great campers and restoration projects. The options are limitless.

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