The Muffin Mansion Camper

There have never been so many different types of tiny house and small house spaces than there are today, with each tiny house being a unique reflection of both the owner and the people who built it. This tiny vintage camper called the Muffin Mansion might just be the most colourful and bright tiny house space we've seen yet.

This lovely tiny house comes in a vintage Kenskill camper and is located in Oakland, California and used to be a food truck in Arizona for Katie Cupcake serving up yummy treats. There is lots of wood throughout the interior, in the bathroom and on the kitchen cupboards, but what makes this place truly unique is the use of colour in both the interior and exterior. Somehow the use of color works in this place with baby blue, bright yellow and fuchsia pink on the exterior, with bright fuchsia pink Hawaiin skirting with flowers around the bottom. The interior of this tiny camper is just as amazing and colourful with turquoise, light green, light yellow, more bright fuchsia pink, and a black and white checkerboard floor. The colours actually tie together and work perfectly resulting in a very unique and artistic camper. This tiny camper has everything you need with a bed that doubles as a day sitting area, tiny kitchen with microwave, small stove, kitchen sink and cupboards for storage, and a bathroom with shower.

There's also a small fridge and ice chest in the kitchen area to store food and a little bit of prep area where meals can be made. This would be the perfect little camper to take on the road and have as a home on the go, or it could be parked and used as a rental or a guest house. The Muffin Mansion can actually be rented on Airbnb from Ginger and Lewis who have it parked in their urban backyard in Oakland, California close to San Francisco. It would be a great chance to try something out of the ordinary when you're visiting the city and to have the full experience of this trailer. Guests can stay in the trailer for $97 US per night.

Remodelling one of these vintage campers is a great way to bring these charming campers back to life and to save some money on having to buy a new trailer. Some people even take these trailers and completely gut them or tear them down to the trailer foundation to build a tiny house on wheels which is another option. Finding a trailer to remodel through local buy and sell pages online is always a good idea. Or there are also auctions and salvage yards. If you're not completely gutting the trailer it would be wise to have a professional inspect it for you before you buy one, if possible. This could save you a lot of money on getting repairs if that's not in your budget. This is a great project that could be a lot of fun to work on and could even make for a great kids playhouse in the backyard.

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