The ION Adventure Hotel is An Eco Conscious Retreat in Iceland - You Won't Even Believe The Interior!

The ION Adventure Hotel is like nothing you've seen before. The stylish hotel is located just outside of Reykjavik, and it's the ultimate vacation idea where ice meets fire. The Ion Adventure Hotel offers eco-conscious luxury and a chance to explore the best that Iceland has to offer. The eco-conscious hotel is close to the popular Golden Circle route, a 300km loop where you will see geysers, waterfalls, and volcanoes. The eco hotel started as an inn for the employees at the Nesjavellir Geothermal Power Plant. The building was abandoned for several years until it was acquired in 2011 and then with the help of the Santa Monica-based design studio Minarc the hotel was renovated into the eco-friendly minimalist hotel it is today. The official hotel opening was in 2013 and offers upscale accommodations in a scenic rural setting. The hotel has access to nearby glaciers, hot springs, and the beauty of the Northern Lights.

The eco hotel has its Spa, called the Lava Spa. The spa is located underneath the Northern Lights bar and has stunning views overlooking the surrounding lava fields. The change rooms lead outside to a 10-metre heated pool. The eco hotel has an on-site restaurant that serves modern Nordic cuisine using fresh local ingredients from around the region. The 45 rooms in the eco-hotel are available in two categories to include standard and deluxe, with all of the rooms continuing the minimalist theme that is found throughout the rest of the hotel. The in-room amenities include a coffee machine and photographic murals of Icelandic horses.

The eco hotel is located on the edge of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Thingvellir National Park. This national park is the perfect escape for people who enjoy outdoor adventures. It is the site of the mid-Atlantic Ridge where the North American and the Eurasian tectonic plates meet and is one of the few spots in the world where you can go scuba diving or snorkelling in clear, glacial water. The eco hotel is also close to the Golden Circle route, which is a 300-kilometre loop around Iceland which takes in beautiful volcanoes, waterfalls, and geysers. In winter, the eco-hotel is a popular spot to view the Northern Lights or just to enjoy the beautiful winter landscape. About one hour south of the ION Adventure hotel you will find Iceland's famous Blue Lagoon. They offer some unique accommodations that are also worthy of a night or two.

The ION Adventure hotel is located about 40 minutes by car from Reykjavík. Driving is your only option when you are visiting this hotel, and you will need a car to get around and explore the surrounding region and the rest of Iceland. If you are flying into Iceland, the Keflavík International Airport is about 1 hour and 20 mins from the eco hotel. The Keflavík International Airport is the main airport that services Iceland and has daily connections to most of Europe and some cities on the east coast of the United States.

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