The HC1 is the New Ultra-Light Camper By Happier Camper

A new line of campers has come out and are now available for sale. The HC1 is the ultralight camping trailer from Happier Camper and is the perfect camper to tow behind your vehicle. The camper only weighs 1,100 pounds which is very light for a camper making it easily towable by most vehicles, even smaller cars. It's also a great size to be able to park in your garage when it's not in use to protect it from the elements. The campers have a retro-modern design which is what many people are after when they're looking for a smaller camper. Small campers like the Teardrop and Boler campers are becoming increasingly popular to purchase and then remodel. But with an HC1 camper, none of the remodelling would be necessary. Each camper comes with an Adaptiv™ modular interior that features a large rear hatch, a wide entry door, classic fenders, a honeycomb fibreglass floor and large windows for panoramic views. Another thing that many of the older campers have problems with is leaking, which won't be a worry in a brand new camper like this one.

These stylish little trailers let you camp with comfort and ease. No more sleeping on the hard ground in a cold tent or waking up in the middle of a rainy night with a puddle of water. The 100% double-hull insulated fibreglass takes care of the insulation too so you won't be cold during the night. The other great thing about these small units is that they are about 72 square feet and can sleep up to 5 people, so it would be perfect for families as well. The designers made sure to add tons of storage throughout the units as well which is always nice to see and there can be a kitchen module installed as well for cooking in the camper.

Customers can choose the modules depending on how they are going to use their camper. For example, having it outfitted for travel and cooking would include a small kitchen, convertible dining and sleep spaces and bench seating. Or, it could be suited for a study or work unit with just desks and an area to sleep. It can also be left bare which would be great for storing and towing canoes, kayaks, motorbikes and other outdoor toys. This makes for a fun way to set up your own camper so you can use it for your preferred purpose and it gives people the opportunity to customize them to their style which is always nice.

Happier Camper is a relatively young company that started up in 2011 in Los Angeles. The owner of the company, Derek, is passionate about restoring vintage trailers such as the classic Boler. Not only does he restore, buy, sell, rent and trade vintage trailers, he also designs and builds hip and highly functional new trailers inspired by classic designs. With an emphasis on eco-friendly design, his newest trailer, the HC1 is sure to be a hit. How would you design one of these campers for your use?

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