The Arcadia Is A Luxury Tiny Home for The Nature Lover

The Arcadia tiny house on wheels is a luxury tiny house for nature lovers. The tiny house design starts at $87,000 for the signature model by B&B, which stands out with its striking, modern design, handcrafted rustic details, and large windows on all sides to provide excellent views of wherever you decide to park it.

The exterior of the Arcadia tiny house on wheels is pine shiplap, with the wood burned using the Japanese technique, Shou Sugi Ban (other siding options are also available). The porch has a river branch railing, opens into the entryway, with coat hooks, drawers, and shelves. The sofa slides out on rails to convert into a full-size guest bed, allowing the house to sleep four. Built-in storage is tucked away throughout, including a bookcase, drawers and cabinets, and shelving. A mounted flat-screen TV swivels so it can be seen from the loft, the living room, or the kitchen.

The bathroom in this tiny house on wheels has a rain shower head, a full-size shower, a toilet, and a handwashing sink. There are built-in storage cabinets. The kitchen comes with a two-burner cooktop and an under-counter fridge and freezer drawers. The cabinets and shelving provide plenty of storage space. There is a two-seater breakfast nook/desk in front of a large picture window. There is a second entrance is into the kitchen.

The loft fits a queen-sized bed with a little extra floor space for personal effects. The loft has 360-degree views with windows on all sides, plus skylights. A staircase with storage underneath transitions into a ship’s ladder for the upper few steps, ensuring the wall of windows is not blocked by stairs.

The tiny house on wheels that is shown in the pictures has water tanks under the sofa which is an upgrade option and not included in the base price. Likewise, the tiny house design pictured has a mini-split over the kitchen door which is also an upgrade, the tiny house base price includes an electric heater. There are dimmable recessed lighting throughout the tiny house, with pendant lights in the kitchen. You can upgrade to a Bluetooth audio system that connects to your smartphone.

The Aradia tiny house on wheels is 20 feet by 8.5 feet by 13.5 feet. The tiny house is 170 square feet not including the loft or the porch. The porch length is 4 feet, the length of the tiny house is 24 feet with the porch. The Arcadia tiny house design has no water tanks, but B&B can design tanks in for an extra fee. The B&B tiny houses are customizable with a variety of different options. Exterior siding options include the Ribbed Siding with 22 colors to choose from, vinyl which is the least expensive option available in many colors and styles, solid wood clapboard that can be painted or stained, or vertical solid wood shiplap, (available on selected models) painted, stained, or Shou sugi ban (Japanese Woodburned). If you will be towing your tiny house often, consider that Vinyl and Metal are the lightest siding options.

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