The Apple Home - A Second Log Home for True Enthusiasts

When looking at log homes, there are so many amazing designs to choose from, and they are all stunning and interesting in their own way. Like the Apple Home, a second log home built for log home enthusiasts Jerry and LeeAnne Apple by Honest Abe Log Homes. Building your own log home from scratch is a great way to get the home of your dreams. It is a project where you can be allowed to have some creative freedom, and you can tailor the design to your preferences and what will work the best for your family. The plan, of course, is one of the most important aspects of a log home build. When you start with a plan that you are settled on, and have a sureness of where you would like everything to be in the home, then the building process can move very smoothly without too many problems. You can get someone to draw you up some original plans, or you can use ones like this log home from a provider like Honest Abe Log homes.

Log homes and cabins are definitely worth every penny especially when you think about how much work goes into handcrafting the logs that come from a sustainable tree plantation, and how much work it is to fashion them all to size and perfect cut. Then there are other aspects like the delivery. They are also a very valuable type of housing because of how strong and sturdy they are, and they are extremely resilient to the elements, which is very important when you live in a place that goes through all four seasons. This log home is located near Westmorland, Tennessee, and it's an impressive 2,626 square foot home including the garage. The upper level of the log home is sheltered by the timber roof system. Plus they have 1,216 square feet of deck space which extends the living room area to the outdoors. They're even adding another 650 square foot home called Hunter’s House with an attached garage. This is actually the couple's second log home from Honest Abe Homes, and their other log home was a bit larger than this one. Now that they are retired, they wanted a smaller size of home to enjoy life in.

The plan they chose is called the Westfield plan, and they modified it to their preferences and needs. They love all aspects of the home but especially the great deck space, which is one of the reasons they chose this particular plan. They also enjoy the living and dining space, which is made all out of logs even the interior walls were crafted out of logs, which is usually not the case with other log homes. Then, for something a bit different, in the upstairs bedroom, they used sheet-rock and logs for a nice, natural look. Since they learned that wood stain darkens over the years, they chose a lighter color of stain than their previous home. Last time they did carpet, tile and wood but this home only has tile and wood flooring. The kitchen cabinets they chose incorporate into the new home are a shaker style of cabinet with a darker stain to give it a cabin feel. Other prominent features of the log house include the stone fireplace in the living room and the soaring ceilings in the living room area with exposed beams. The home is still nice and large, but it has a very cozy and charming design and style, which makes it feel very homey and relaxing. What a stunning home built by one of the best log builders, Honest Abe Log Homes.

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