Such an Amazing Tiny Home Built for Under $28,000

This tiny house building is worth taking a closer look. The unique small house plan shaped in a cross was designed by architect Henry Yorke Mann (1930-2015) from Canada. The tiny house building was built in 1999, under a small budget of $28,000 Canadian, and it is located in British Columbia, Canada. In designing the cabin building, Mann wanted to incorporate the heart, mind, body, and soul, with both the practical and the spiritual needs of the owner. It is part of Mann's philosophy in architectural design. The owner of this cabin building leads a very busy life, and the tiny house building was as a place of solace for the owner amidst the hectic schedules. Quietude is another one of the designers brilliant masterpieces.

The cabin building consists of an outside porch and entrance, a kitchen, dining area, bedroom, bathroom, and utility. The building materials used in constructing this tiny house building fits the owner’s budget but with environmental and people friendly properties. The exterior wall, floor and ceiling of the cabin building are all pine tongue, and groove finished in drying oils. The cabin building roof didn’t slip Mann’s brilliant mind, and because of the extremely hot temperatures of the Okanagan Valley where the cabin building is located, the roof is a double roof with the rain shedding metal roof separated from the insulated roof by a ventilated airspace to help with cooling. This tiny house building has been featured in many magazines.

The owner of this tiny house building was seeking a place of solace following some hectic life events. However, the budget was severely limited, being only $28,000. The tiny house building has 300 square feet of living area in the shape of a cross. The shape of the tiny house building defines distinct alcoves for the kitchen, a seating area, and an entrance space with closets. The rooms are all arranged around a central core, giving a feeling of openness and allowing for sharing of space. The cabin building has a sleeping loft and a 100 square foot cellar to help supplement the main living area.

The entire interior of the cabin building is lined with pine boards, that are treated only with a drying oil. The natural wood gives the interior a warm golden glow. The tiny cabin building has a large skylight at the peak of the vaulted roof which helps to flood the small home with natural light. There are shelves built around the tops of the walls that are used for display and storage. The shape of the tiny cabin building was a factor in keeping the construction costs low for the project. Although the roof design is complex, with hips on all sides, the symmetry of the home design allowed for efficient construction since multiple pieces could be cut to the same length and angle at once. Costs were also kept down by using inexpensive pine for both the exterior siding and the interior finish. The home is well-insulated and can be heated by a small propane fireplace.

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