Stay in One Of The Famous Cube Houses in the Heart of Rotterdam

The Cube Houses in Rotterdam are quite a sight to see from the street, but you can even spend the night in one of them now. These iconic homes have been a tourist attraction of sorts for years. Cube houses, or as they say in Dutch, Kubuswoningen, are a grouping of inspiring homes that have been built in both Rotterdam and Helmond, two cities in the Netherlands. They were designed by architect Piet Blom with the idea of "living as an urban roof" which provides high-density housing with optimal space inside. The cube homes were designed to have the tilted cube on top of a hexagon-shaped pylon. So it's said that this design is like a village within a city and that each home is like a tree and together they create a forest. The Blaak Train Station is right nearby which provides easy access for guests or for those who would like to have a closer look at the interesting homes. The piece of land the homes are built on were posing some issues back in the 70s because they weren't connected. So the city of Rotterdam contacted Piet Blom to get his expertise in design, and he came up with the Cube House we now see today. There are 38 units in total and two super cubes. The design solved their planning, and it also created a work of art that people are inspired and astounded by.

Each cube house has about 1,080 square feet of space, but, keep in mind that only 270 square feet of this space is usable because of all the sharp angles of the home design. There are also four floors where the living spaces are spread out. So you have the ground level which is the entrance, then the first floor which is the living room and kitchen, and up another flight of stairs, there are two bedrooms and the bathroom. The top floor is an open space which can be used for whatever the occupants have in mind. If you don't stay in the Airbnb rental in one of the units, you can also visit the showroom which has been made into a museum so you can really get to know the history of the building and design. The cube house that's for rent has 3 main floors with the living room on the second floor which is the same in all of the homes. The living room has a comfortable sofa and a TV with a DVD player to watch shows or movies. There is also the kitchen on this same level which has a Nespresso, an oven, a microwave and a dishwasher. The hosts provide coffee and tea for guests, so you don't have to worry about getting your own.

The next area is the bedroom on the third floor with a queen sized bed and another bedroom with two single beds. On the same floor is the bathroom with a double sink and walk-in shower. Then, on the top floor, you have a 360 view of Rotterdam and the other cube houses in the area. The couple who owns the home has it decorated very nicely, with a minimalistic style to it. Yet it's bright and colourful, just as you would think these bright cube houses would be since they are so bright on the exterior. Not only would a cube house be awesome to stay in because you'll literally be staying in a tourist attraction and iconic home in the city, but you're also really close to all of the other attractions the city has to offer. Would you like to stay in one of these cubes? Or would you settle for a tour of the show suite?

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