Small Cottage Home Is Just Plain Gorgeous but the Incredible Ceilings Make It Even Better

The Cottage Company is a company that is passionate about creating connected communities that integrate into both the natural environment and into already existing neighborhoods. When you purchase a Cottage Company tiny home, you are buying into a community and into a way of life that is a model for change. Their unwavering commitment to sustainability, beauty and quality mean that they build tiny homes and outdoor spaces for how people choose to live.

As with all of their pocket neighborhoods, the colorful gardens, the craftsman styling, and the placement around a shared lawn give the Greenwood Avenue Cottages in Shoreline, Washington the appearance of having emerged from an era when housing developments were designed as places where people who had shared values could gather to become a real community. Each small cottage home is somewhat similar yet unique. This helps to fosters a personal connection, a bond of identity and caring. As with all of their communities, each tiny household names their small cottage home and creates their flowerbox garden and garden landscape. There are 24 exterior paint colors you will find in the development.

The level of quality and attention to detail in these eight two or three bedrooms, compact tiny homes all being less than 1,000 square feet in size is unparalleled outside of custom home development. Experts seem to agree as The Greenwood Avenue Cottages was awarded the 2002 AIA/Seattle Times Housing the Northwest Award, along with the 2005 AIA National Housing Award.

To date, The Cottage Company has completed, eight connected communities in the Pacific Northwest as in-fill within the existing single-family neighborhoods close to transportation and close to jobs. Their locations are diverse and include a bucolic island town, a tranquil woodland only a bike ride from their regions technology employment centers, a waterfront property near Silverdale, Washington to a bustling Seattle-area neighborhood. All of the Cottage Company communities are built to be smart, simple and sustainable.

They strive to be good stewards of the earth, along with creating small cottage homes that are crafted with charm and character. Their high-quality communities of compact, energy-efficient single-family homes in pocket neighborhoods are unique and powerful, created by related layers of connectivity and privacy. Intrinsic within that undertaking is connecting with people and the environment in a simple, life-sustaining way. And, their over-riding theme is to create new small housing choices that offer beautiful places where people choose to live their lives. The approach of the Cottage Company includes a concern about the planet, families, and communities to foster a genuine connection that goes from the city to the dining room table. The key to their success is thoughtful land use, great architectural design and creative site planning. The result is successful and sustainable pocket neighborhoods found in established, close-in communities. YOu will find Cottage Company communities in eight different locations in Washington state. You can look on their site to find small cottage homes that might be for sale in these different Washington state locations.

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