Sealander: This Camper Can Also Be Used as a Boat

The Sealander camper is a flexible caravan, a tiny house on wheels that can be used on both land and water. The Sealander can be easily connected to just about any car and used as a cozy trailer. This cozy tiny house on wheels has an outboard engine, helping the Sealander to function as a small engine boat when used on the water. The hull on the camper is made of fiberglass reinforced, seamlessly connected with a monocoque or an outer shell. The Sealander tiny house on wheels is also sealed with a layer of gel coating, giving it one of the highest quality surfaces. The Sealander is lightweight, robust, and stable on both water and land.

The Sealander camper is lightweight which makes it eco-friendly, and easier to maneuver with smaller vehicles. When using the Sealander camper you don't need to have an additional trailer driver's liscense. When on land there is a ladder that provides stable support for the hitch and a safe entryway. When on the water the ladder has several functions, it can be used to attach the onboard grill, acts as a railing when raised, and provides stability when entering or exiting the water when folded down. The Sealander has a chassis that is fully galvanized and hubcaps that are encased in oil which helps to create a protective seal against both water and rust damage. This will make transitioning in and out of the water quickly and easy.

There are four stainless steel handrails on each side of the camper that provide safety and stability when entering or exiting the Sealander. The handrails also provide extra security when mooring on the water. If using the Sealander on the water you can fit the camper with an outboard engine with up to 9,87 horsepower on the stern. The Sealander can be driven without having to acquire a boat driver's license. The Sealander is compact making it agile and easy to handle when on the road. The compact size also makes it easy to park on land or water.

The Sealander has tinted, panoramic windows on either side which provide a luxurious way to enjoy the surrounding nature as you are driving by, which will give you a new perspective on whatever is outside. The Sealander is constructed and licensed for a maximum speed of 100km/h. When towed with the appropriate vehicle you'll be able to enjoy all of your favorite camping spots. The Sealander has a folding roof that folds two-thirds of the way, which can bring views of nature indoors. In just a few easy steps you can have the top down or create a cozy atmosphere depending on the weather. Inside there are two benches on either side along with an adjustable table, that can accommodate up to 6 people. It just takes seconds to transform the seating area to a spacious place where you can recline and gaze up at the stars. The Sealander can be outfitted with various types of features and equipment. The materials and the colors of the Sealander can also be individualized.

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