Rustic Log Home Hides Marvelous Antler Chandelier Impossible to Take Your Eyes Off

In today's fast-moving world, life can get a little stressed, and the need to get away and relax is important to reset and relax. And what better way to do that than to stay in a cabin building in the mountains. Log cabin vacations are preferred by many people all over the world. You might even be thinking of building or purchasing a cabin building of your own, and staying in a log cabin is a good idea before you leap. This beautifully crafted cabin building is located in Banff, Alberta, Canada. The Banff Log Cabin Guesthouse is a lovely little cabin building that is located in Banff Alberta which is a major tourist attraction for tourists from all over the world. The cabin building is a great place to stay so you can spend some time in a beautiful location, either with a friend or maybe even solo.

The cozy cabin building has all the amenities you will need, a bed for two, television, storage, a tiny kitchen and a bathroom. It even has a little fireplace, perfect for those cold nights. A cabin building vacation beats staying at a generic hotel, and it is a nice way to do something different. Who knows it might become something you opt to do on a regular basis. The tiny cabin building is perfect for a nature retreat as well; you can find many hiking trails in the area to go on a day trip or even just a short jaunt.

Can you imagine cozying up with a bottle of wine or a nice hot cup of tea, with the fire crackling in the background, ambient light? A log cabin vacation would be lovely in summer, spring, fall or winter, as all seasons are beautiful in the mountains. You will find yourself not wanting ever to leave. This tiny cabin building is a good place to come and stay with the beauty of a cabin in the woods. There is something about staying in nature, especially in this location, with the smell of the pines and the fresh mountain air. The mountains are calling.

The Banff Log Cabin Bed and Breakfast is decorated in rustic decor with a handcrafted deer antler chandelier; black iron queen sized bed with fluffy pillows and warm duvet. The cast iron stove is gas, controlled by a thermostat to ensure the cabin building is always cozy and warm. The thermostat can be adjusted to your personal preference. The cabin building has wireless internet, and a 16 inch by 28-inch wall mounted flat screen television that can be angled towards your bed for comfortable viewing. The cabin building has a self-contained, totally private, brand new bathroom. It has a full-size bathtub with shower enclosure, sink unit, toilet and a hairdryer. And for your convenience, the Banff cabin building has a kitchenette bar fridge, small microwave and kettle for tea and coffee. There are no cooking facilities in the cabin building. However, Banff has plenty of great restaurants to choose from.

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