Rustic Farm Cottage With Waterfall and Mountain View in India

You'll fall in love with this rustic farm small cottage plan with waterfalls and a lovely mountain view. The small cottage plan is located in Gangtok, Sikkim, India. This vacation rental is a private room in a farm stay. The rustic farm cottage can accommodate up to 2 guests with one bedroom, with one bed and a private bath. The enchanted forest farm is an 18-acre forest farm vacation stay, located in Parking(Ranka), a scenic village that is near Gangtok, Sikkim.

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The small cottage plan is a quiet getaway for wanderers and offbeat travelers. The small cottage plan is a fully running farm with accommodation for guests. Guests to the farm stay are welcomed into the farm by the singing of birds and the sound of the waterfall nearby and the invigorating fresh mountain air. This farm stay is an ideal place to unwind away from the hustle and bustles and crowds.

The small cottage plan provides its guests with the utmost in comfort and relaxation. The accommodation is dispersed so that guests have privacy as well as being able to roam freely and have privacy too. The small cottage plan is a double occupancy luxury cottage with all the basic amenities, an attached bath, and a porch. The owners have used traditional building methods in making this small cottage plan. The bathroom in the small cottage has hot and cold running water.

There are no television sets in the farm as they want to provide guests with a true farm feel so that they can connect with Mother Nature during their vacation stay. Nevertheless, they do provide free wifi so that guests to the cottage can stay connected with their family and friends. They have placed travel books and magazines that feature Sikkim so that they can gain more knowledge about this beautiful state. The room provides panoramic views of the lush green forest. Almost 70 percent of the raw building materials used in the small cottage plan have been procured locally from the farm. At the Enchanted Forest Farm, the owners treat each guest as their family member and look into their specific needs.

Overall, at the Enchanted Forest Farm, the invigorating smell of the mountain fresh air coupled with the enchanting views and serene environment offers a welcome change from the chaotic pace of city life. Since the farm is spread across 18 acres, you can enjoy a variety of activities. With such a big forested area for you to enjoy, you might see foxes, flying squirrels, barking deer, and marten which have made the farm part of their natural habitat.

During your vacation stay, guests can get involved in farming and learn the processes that are involved in growing food organically. There is nothing like harvesting naturally grown fruits and veggies. You can enjoy a village walk and nature walk with guide charges applicable. You can go hiking in a stream near the property. The stream is fed by some beautiful waterfalls that will leave you feeling amazed. You can take a dip in one of the enchanting natural pools and relax. There are several hiking areas around the farm. You can also go on a village walk and get to know the local culture.

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