Riverfront Cozy Miners Cabin In Alaska

This Cozy Miner's cabin is a heated cabin building on the Chena River, perfect for an authentic Alaskan experience. The cozy cabin building is located in Fairbanks, Alaska, United States and can accommodate up to 2 guests with one bedroom, and one bathroom. During your vacation stay, you'll have the entire cabin building to yourself. The wood cabin is an excellent space for a serene and scenic vacation with this one-room cabin building on the popular Chena River.

You’ll love this cozy cabin because of the exciting Alaskan experience that it offers. This wood cabin vacation is great for couples and solo adventurers. This is a dry cabin building with a new shower and sinks available in a separate out-building that is shared with one other small rental wood cabin, plus a clean outhouse that is private near the wood cabin. Drinking water and coffee are included. The cute cabin building is just a 5-minute drive from the airport, food, and stores, yet it also offers peace and quiet.

The cozy cabin building is one small room with a queen-sized bed. The owners provide a small fridge and a coffee maker with fixings for coffee, tea or hot chocolate. There is also a Toyo heater that can be used for cooler nights. The cabin has limited wifi that reaches the outdoor deck of the cozy cabin, great for checking email or doing searches. There is also better internet available at the main house. The cabin is dry which means that there is no running water just like a real old-time Alaskan cabin, but don't worry as there is a nice shower room in an out-building that is available for your use and there is an outhouse. During your vacation stay, you can enjoy sitting on the dock or walking along the river on the grass. You can use the picnic table any time during your stay and the swing chair.

The cabin area includes the outhouse and along the riverfront which includes the dock, providing a space that guests can use freely. The fire pit is available for use depending on the weather conditions. You can feel free to sit on the swinging chair during your stay. When driving to the wood cabin, you'll want to be sure to stay on the driveway that goes behind the log house and along the treeline. There is limited wifi at the cabin building deck with regular wifi available at the main house in the guest area inside or on the outdoor deck.

The owners speak Portuguese. The cabin building has a Toyo stove for heat. The owners will show you how to turn the heat up or down. You'll want to keep the heat down when you are out of the wood cabin for an extended time. Of course, when there is warm weather you will not need it at all. Fairbanks in the summer is the Land of the Midnight Sun, which means that the area is light most of the time in June and July.

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