Peek Inside This Small Cottage Plan: You'll Love the Rustic Hardwood Floors

This small cottage home has cedar shake wood siding that is reminiscent of the Cape Cod homes, evoking warmth, tradition and permanence. This lovely cottage is a place that you enjoy the benefits of natural wood with a low maintenance finish. It adds prestige and value to your small cottage home. This tiny 400 square foot cottage is located in Madison, Connecticut. This cottage property is not currently for sale or rent, but it's a great place to look for some inspiration for a small cottage of your own. This charming, serene Madison Cottage home is close to town, beaches and all that Madison has to offer. This adorable small cottage home was built in 1943.

There is so much to love about this tiny cottage plan, from the exterior with its cedar shake siding, blue door and stone patio. The location is just as beautiful with plenty of trees and grass to sit place some outdoor furniture and enjoy the view. Inside there are wooden floors with light walls, white trim and kitchen cabinets and white beams throughout. The open living/kitchen/dining area has everything you need for a comfortable stay. This small cottage home also has a back covered patio with a bench to sit down and take off your boots. It doesn't get much better than the location either, close to the beach and a lovely town, it's just the sort of place you want for a summer vacation home.

There are several benefits to having a vacation small cottage home. The most obvious benefit has a place to get away, relax and enjoy some quality time with family and friends. Another benefit of owning a small cottage home or vacation home is that if you are not fully ready to commit to using your vacation cottage home all year long, then you can profit from some rental income. Renting out your small cottage home can be an easy way to help pay down your bills. Many small cottage vacation homeowners choose to do this since they are not using the small cottage home all year long anyway. This rental income can be used to put towards the bills and the maintenance of the small cottage home if needed or can be tucked away to use later.

Another benefit of a vacation home is that you can prepare for retirement. Most people when they go on vacation try to avoid doing work; if this sounds like you, then you’re already getting a sample taste of what retirement will be like. Many people own small cottage homes or vacation homes to use seasonally until they are ready to retire. After retirement, you’ll have a second home to enjoy all year long if you choose so. If you sell your primary residence when you are retired, you can use that money to put towards your small cottage home or vacation home. Additionally, moving to a familiar, enjoyable location will make transitioning into retirement that much easier than just jumping right into living in a new place. You’ll be setting yourself up for what will be a comfortable retirement.

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