Once a Shabby Old Bus... Now This, Could You Live in this Tiny Home on Wheels?

Now here's a great idea for a cottage in the country. A cute old vintage bus has been converted into a little guest house on a couple's property in the English countryside. The couple had the awesome idea to turn a bus that may otherwise just go into the salvage yard into a nice little guest cottage. The bus wasn't running as good as it used to, if at all, so they decided it would be best to put it to another use. If the vehicle doesn't run, but still has good bones, why not save it from the landfill, right? This bus looks like it had it's fun cruising down the highway at one point, but now it gets a second life as a cute whimsical cottage.

It's inspiring the way the couple has restored it, removing the seats and putting in a little kitchenette, with a gas stove and oven, and a seating space where the driver's wheel is. This is the perfect place to have a meal while looking out the window on the amazing countryside view. They even left the driver's wheel on which reminds you that this was definitely a bus at one point. The bus is situated on the couple's property amongst the wildflowers and grass with a tree right beside it for some shade and shelter from the sun and wind. They rent out the bus as an accommodation to travellers which brings them some extra income and they also get to meet some great people along the way too. There is a bed within the bus, although no bathroom, but they have a separate building that guests can use during their stay in the bus turned cottage. There is even a great little patio area to sit out on and enjoy their gorgeous property.

The fresh flowers from around their land might even find their way into your room when you stay there, a nice charming touch to an already very charming place to stay. This shabby chic rental in the countryside would be the absolute perfect place for a little vacation for a couple or even a small family with some wanderlust in their hearts. Kids would absolutely love the chance to sleep in a cute bus like this one. Wouldn't you love to stay here one day? Or perhaps you'd like to create your own small cottage like this one out of reclaimed items and recycled goods. It's a good way to save some money and to prevent the landfill from filling up with too much stuff. Plus, it's also a great way to create a space with a ton of character in it as well. Wouldn't it be fun to have a few different old vehicles or RVs around a property done up as cottages? You can also use shipping containers and even box trucks to create mini cottages. The sky's the limit when you have this much imagination and style and this bus turned cottage is great inspiration for us all.

More about this story can be found at: The Majestic Bus

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