Nicely Finished and Furnished Studio House in Atlanta, Georgia

This tiny house studio located in Atlanta, Georgia, United States is a newly constructed studio home design that can accommodate up to two guests. During your vacation stay, you'll have the entire tiny house to yourself. The vacation property is self-check-in with a keypad. The studio tiny house is located in the quiet East Atlanta Village/Grant Park areas of East Atlanta. The tiny house is just .4 mile to the center of East Atlanta Village, .5 mile to the Atlanta beltline, 3.5 miles to Mercedes Benz Stadium and State Farm Arena. The tiny house vacation rental is just 1.6 miles to Reynoldstown and King Memorial MARTA Train stations.

The tiny house design is a nicely finished and furnished studio house with ceramic tile floors, refrigerator, granite countertops, microwave, combination toaster oven/air fryer/ convection oven, dishes, silverware, glasses, a full-size sofa, television, queen murphy bed, wifi, stereo, gas grill, and outdoor private sitting area. The tiny house has access to a hot tub and a wood-burning fire pit. The tiny house has one off-street parking space.

When it comes to small house living you need to be creative about creative storage solutions while also getting rid of things you don't always use. The good news is that there are plenty of storage tips and ideas that will give you plenty of places to put all the things that are important to you. Small house living is a great way to declutter your space, but that doesn't mean you don't still need storage to put things away.

When it comes to small house living it's good to go vertical. If you need more storage space, there are several storage tips and tricks for creating more room. Vertical space often goes to waste in many home designs. But that doesn't have to be the case. You might consider building shelves up to the ceiling to help create plenty of room to stow seasonal items and household supplies. You can make use of vertical storage as a way to showcase the items that you love. You can also use Slatwall panels to help create super flexible storage space in your tiny house design. These shelves are so versatile as they use slats, not bolts, to help secure the shelves to the wall, which makes them easy to add, rearrange, or to remove the shelving whenever the mood strikes or as needed. You can also use Slatwall shelving instead of space-hogging tables.

Another idea when it comes to storage in tiny house design is with underfloor storage. Underfloor storage may be an invaluable storage trick when it comes to small house living. If you are a tiny house design homeowner, who needs some extra storage space, the solution might be hiding underneath your floorboards. You might build up space such as a sitting area, to help accommodate underfloor storage for a variety of things. Furniture is another way you can get additional storage, maybe in a coffee table or a couch with storage underneath. An idea that is especially popular in tiny house designs is under stair storage.

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