Musicians Tiny Cabin with Deck and THOW Music Studio

This amazing tiny house design is one of a kind creation designed for owner Asha Mevlana, who is an incredibly talented musician used to a life on the road. Mevlana travels the world as an electric violinist with the Trans Siberian Orchestra. Wanting to put down some roots and have a solid house that would also suit her unique, creative lifestyle, she chose to build a tiny house. The tiny house's layout is incredibly unique. Next to the 40-foot tiny house design on foundations is a smaller, completely mobile music studio tiny house on wheels. The two tiny house spaces are joined together by a large deck, which purposely opens up towards the street to help encourage community interaction and even some musical concerts once in a while for the neighborhood.

Inside, the tiny house is modern and spacious. At 10 feet, the tiny house is a bit wider than the average small house on wheels, which gives more options for the tiny house interior layout, such as stairs into the upstairs loft and helps to make the tiny house feel light and open. Adding to the sense of space is the large garage door, that enables natural light to flood into the tiny house and also allows the tiny home to completely open up onto the outdoor deck, which removes the barrier between indoor and outdoor living. Throughout this tiny house are clever design ideas to include a coffee table that opens up into a desk workspace and a media/entertainment station, which hides all the screens and the electronics when not in use. Storage in this tiny house is added in abundance in the house and everything in this tiny home has its place.

By tiny house standards, the kitchen is palatial. There is an abundance of kitchen counter space, which also doubles as an occasional home office and a breakfast bar. All the kitchen appliances are full-sized and even includes a washer and dryer. There is plenty of kitchen cupboard space. The style of this tiny house design is modern and minimalist, which ensure the tiny home feels trendy yet uncluttered. The music studio in the tiny house next door adds a completely different element. The tiny house is well insulated and soundproofed and provides the perfect place for Mevlana to store her instruments, practice her music and to create her art. The tiny house is constructed on wheels, making this mobile music studio able to be taken on the road and is capable of also being used as a performance space.

Mevlana is an inspired and creative person with an abundance of talent.

This tiny house design is perfectly suited to the owners unique life as a successful musician and as a travel television presenter, which gives her a comfortable place to call home, a space to create and to practice music while keeping it all simple and compact so she can hit the road and go on tour with the orchestra when needed. You'll want to take a look inside this tiny house design, you are sure to be inspired.

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